Smart Connectivity for Digital Business Transformation


Bring Your Business to the Cloud

Digital transformation enables any-sized business to increase their competitiveness but when your workforce relies on cloud-based applications, productivity depends on your network connection.

Our smart connectivity solutions are purpose-built to run business-critical cloud services, and they're professionally managed so you can focus on your business instead of your network.

Business Cloud Advantages

Call Quality Assurance

Cloud voice and video calls are the best way to collaborate and build relationships with your customers, but live calls are vulnerable to network contention and link outages.

Our intelligent QoS ensures pin-drop quality for cloud voice and video services with no dropped calls on failover.

Managed Network

Office IT staff are typically overworked, but network issues need to get high priority because office productivity is at stake.

Our solution is managed by a certified service provider with cloud-based monitoring and management  to accelerate network repairs and take the burden off your IT staff.

Cloud Experience

Internet connectivity can be unpredictable with variations in the routes between your users and business cloud applications.

We manage end-to-end connectivity with direct connections between our Adaptiv | Gateways and popular business cloud providers like Microsoft, AWS and Google to ensure a more responsive user experience.

Reduce Opex

In a digital business your network is a strategic investment but that doesn’t mean you should overpay.

We deliver enterprise-grade performance from low-cost broadband connections as a managed service offering designed to bring economies of scale to any-size IT budget.



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Non-Stop Productivity

If you’re connection goes down, business cloud services are unreachable. You need protection against the risk of lost productivity caused by network downtime.

Our seamless instant failover keeps your team connected through link outages to ensure non-stop productivity.

Network Agility

When multiple office users are all running cloud apps at the same time, they may find there’s not enough bandwidth to go around.

We can quickly increase bandwidth whenever you need it, by simply installing another broadband circuit to get office productivity back up to speed.