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ELFIQ LBX1200 Series

Powerful and Scalable Bandwidth Management Solutions  


ELFIQ LBX Link Balancers

Using our exclusive layer-2 design, ELFIQ link balancers are the rock-solid business continuity solution for businesses who want faster and more reliable bandwidth. We combine multiple ISP links into a high-performance managed connection with traffic shaping intelligence that optimally distributes traffic across all links.


LBX1200 Series Features

The ultimate bandwidth management tool that provides full bandwidth control and ensures your organization never loses its Internet connection.


Throughput Up To 2Gbps

Supports up to 32 ISPs.png

Up To 32 ISP or Private Links

Supports up to 512 SSL VPN Tunnels.png

Up To 512 SSL VPN Tunnels

Up to 2 Upgrade Paths Available.png

Up To 2 Upgrade Paths Available

ELFIQ LBX1200 Series


A proven solution for Enterprises and the Public Sector, the LBX1200 Series is the ultimate bandwidth management tool that ensures your company never loses business network connectivity and provides full bandwidth control that manages up to 32 ISP or private links and delivers up to 2Gbps of throughput.

The LBX1200 Series includes three models that are all offered as either a physical or virtual appliance with VMWare, OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V support for VFN deployments.

Flexible Buying Options

We've designed ELFIQ solutions to meet your network requirements and grow with your business, with flexible buying options to ensure low TCO and maximum ROI for your investment.

Capex or Subscription 

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ELFIQ products can be purchased through either capex or subscription models, which ever fits your need.

Capex or Subscription


Physical or Virtual Appliances

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All our devices are available with VMWare, OpenStack and Microsoft
Hyper-V support for NFV deployments.

Physical or Virtual Appliances

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ELFIQ solutions are sold exclusively through our certified global network of resellers.

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