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ELFIQ LinkCare Plans

ELFIQ LinkCare Plans Footnotes

  1. 24/7 Support is currently being rolled-out throughout the second half of 2020. 24H weekday support is expected by end of November 2020, with full roll-out expected by late December 2020.

  2. LinkCare Program hardware discounts cannot be combined with other special or promotional pricing.

  3. Available on all current models. Availability on End sale models based on Adaptiv Networks policies.

  4. The configuration refresh will be performed upon renewal for 12-month plans, and on the 13th and 25th month for 36-month plans.

  5. Application reporting is powered by ELFIQ AppOptimizer. To leverage application traffic shaping, a subscription is required.

  6. The network assessment call will be performed during the third quarter of the plan; an ELFIQ support specialist will interpret the various reports on a live call, and provide recommendations to the end-user or partner.

  7. Managed firmware upgrades by the ELFIQ support team is limited to one upgrade per release.

  8. Power Incident Warranty does not cover improper use, accidents, abuse, fire, or natural disaster incidents. Only electrical-based incidents are covered. Limit: one replacement per year.

  9. It is mandatory to ensure that the Link Balancer unit is connected to surge-protection equipment for input power and carrier links in order to be eligible for the ELFIQ hardware warranty.

  10. Reports and dashboards expected to be released throughout 2020 and early 2021 for:

    • Network health dashboard and reporting

    • Network diagnostics reports

    • Reporting data retention

    • Application reporting


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