3 Reasons Why Your Cloud Voice Isn’t Performing

The way we work is changing. We use multiple communication channels such as text, voice, email, and video to communicate with each other and with our customers. Despite the growing number of ways we can electronically connect, a call remains the best way to create a real-time connection. If something goes wrong, it's best to pick up the phone and talk things through. Your investment in cloud communications to improve productivity makes sense, but only if the calls work as expected.

With all the advances in modern technology, your employees deserve an easy-to-use and seamless solution that helps them get their jobs done. When your business relies on a Cloud Voice solution, the expectations are increased productivity and collaboration, but if you consider phone service mission-critical, the reality is you’ll need smart reliable connectivity to ensure success. That’s because 80% of Cloud Voice quality issues are caused by problems with underlying poor network connectivity.

The three most common causes are Connection, Contention, and Congestion.


People often get so focused on the bandwidth speed that they forget to ask the simple question, “what happens when my internet connection goes down?” Internet access can be fast and cheap, but it’s not always reliable, especially in remote areas. When your business relies on a cloud-based voice service, the connection must be stable and strong enough to support the call you’re about to make. It’s easy to focus on bandwidth speed, but keep in mind that voice quality starts with having a reliable cloud connection that’s “always-on”.

The Solution

Adaptiv has built-in failover and redundancy features. What does this mean? When one of your network connections goes down, we keep your cloud-based voice service going. Your call continues uninterrupted along with all your other cloud applications so your employees won’t experience any productivity losses and your bottom line won’t suffer.


Think of your network as a two-lane highway. When traffic is light, things might be going smoothly. However, when multiple applications are running at the same time, your voice service may not be getting the right of way, and that puts call quality at risk. If your network is competing for resources, chances are your cloud voice service is not getting what it needs to perform.

The Solution

Adaptiv | SD-WAN intelligently handles network contention to provide smooth sailing for your business voice services, so your calls get priority with no delays or interruptions.


When your network gets jammed with more data than it can handle, call quality can get degraded by network congestion. Performance can get weighed down when you need it most - during peak hours of your business. Signs of congestion can include inaudible calls, delayed voice and video, or slower application response times.

The Solution

You can fight network congestion with Adaptiv technology which monitors and protects your network from getting over-saturated with data before problems arise. We dynamically create “fast-lanes” that protect voice quality, allowing you to make important business calls with confidence, even during the busiest time of day.

Adaptiv Networks is the agile cloud connectivity solution that automatically addresses the three most common issues undermining the quality of your cloud voice. If you are interested in protecting your voice quality, we would love to hear from you!