Make Your Business More Competitive

Creating an advantage with SD-WAN as a managed service

The big advantage of being smaller

Competition in business can be fierce, but small and mid-sized businesses have one big advantage. They can react quickly to changing market opportunities.

Cloud technology can make your business even more nimble. The cloud provides businesses productivity and collaboration tools that let SMEs challenge their largest competitors. With the latest software and apps, employees can work virtually and share information easily. All elements of the business benefit, from product development to customer service.

To be competitive, you’ll need a fast, secure, and reliable network. It must accelerate cloud productivity. And it needs to do this without breaking your budget.

Why managed services?

Smaller businesses often have limited IT resources, which gives them less room for error. With all the business technology available today, how can leaders know what’s right for their business, and stay on top of all the tasks that need to be performed? Are system backups run regularly? What about security updates, or patches? Does the email server run consistently? What about CRM software, or billing and payroll systems? What will happen if the network goes down?

If your business struggles in these areas, the chances are high that you may face an IT outage or a security breach that will have a serious impact on productivity, as well as your profits.

Benefits of the managed services model:

  1. Reduced risk. The managed services provider is responsible for network technology, including fixing it when something goes wrong.

  2. Continuity. There’s no learning curve when new employees join the business. The MSP has access to industry-wide expertise and can apply this knowledge to your business on a consistent basis.

  3. Fixed costs. A lower, more predictable monthly fee removes hidden costs and makes sense for their business.

  4. Focus on core business. When employees don’t have to worry about IT, they can focus on key business needs.

Small and mid-sized business leaders understand the risks of “do-it-yourself” networks. They are looking for a smarter way, one that lets them keep their competitive edge.

Managed SMB networks powered by Adaptiv SD-WAN:

Experienced managed service providers have the expertise to bring network and cloud services together into a unified managed service. To reach your full potential, it’s critical that you choose a managed network service that’s powered by the right SD-WAN technology.

Adaptiv SD-WAN-as-a Service is ideally suited for any-sized business because it delivers superior cloud performance at broadband-per-megabit price points, so you get more productivity for less cost. Adaptiv | SD-WAN also boosts reliability, security and visibility for your network and it’s ready to grow with you into the future.

A managed Adaptiv | SD-WAN offers you the peace of mind that comes with having a single point of accountability, so you can stop worrying about your network. Instead, you can focus on what you do best: your business and getting ahead of your competition. Contact us to learn more today.