Managed Service Providers and Untapped Marketing Capabilities

Your ability to go to market with multiple vendors is challenging as a small to medium-sized Managed Service Provider. 

Vendors are constantly fighting for your time, and it’s not uncommon for vendor sales and marketing teams to try to dictate your focus.

Ashley Nathan is an experienced marketing consultant that has worked for tech security gurus like Robert Herjavec from Shark Tank and various mid-sized technology vendors in Toronto for more than ten years. Her experience has taught her how to unlock partner marketing potential, and she excels at launching campaigns for partners from the vendor side that are easy to use and generate results.

Get to Market with Strategic Vendors—AND Extend your Marketing Capabilities at No Additional Cost

As a small to medium-sized MSP, you can’t afford to build multiple technology marketing campaigns and new collateral every month.

What if there was an easier way? Well, there is.

You can turn to your vendors who are well-equipped with ready-to-use collateral. It’s easy for you to use that material, co-brand it with your logo, and send it out to your customers. 

Start tapping into your vendor's resource library. You can use vendor content as-is or repurpose their marketing materials for your own campaigns. Technology has made it easy for vendors to provide fully-functional Partner Marketing Portals. 

And you don’t need to be afraid that you may use the same content as a competitor. 

We live in a digital age. An average of 4.4 million blog posts are published every day, 350 million photos are uploaded daily to Facebook, and these trends are normal everywhere else too. The chances that your customers have seen that content elsewhere are pretty small.

Building Momentum with Automated Lead Gen Campaigns

Some technology vendors even offer fully-functional marketing automation systems to their partners for free as an extension inside the Partner Portal. 

There’s no need for you to build out extensive marketing campaigns with emails, call to actions, and landing pages. When you partner with the right vendors, the Partner Portal is much more than a deal registration tool, so take the time to log in and see what options are available to you.

You will be surprised by everything that’s there.

The best Partner Portals even contain multiple lead nurturing campaigns focusing on different use cases and verticals that partners can turn on with the click of a button.  

Vendors may also provide value-added services like Partner Marketing Concierge (a type of managed marketing service). This service sends newly discovered leads your way. All you need to do is work the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL).

Channel conflict is often the biggest objection Managed Service Providers have when it comes to running a vendor campaign. 

Make sure the vendor is protecting your contact list with GDPR / unsubscribe laws and can ensure you have exclusive rights to any leads generated from your campaign.

Tap into Marketing Development Funds to Maximize Your Internal Marketing Budget 


Did you know that 60% Of Market Development Funds (MDFs) aren’t used on a quarterly basis?

MDF is a bonus marketing budget. If your vendor offers MDF, make sure you know how to earn it, what it can be used on, and how to claim it. 

The days of MDF being used only for customer C-level events are over. The reality is C-level customers and prospects are invited to so many events each month, and many don’t have the time to attend. 

Customer events are costly, and often, the ROI is hard to track. Everyone loves a golf event or a steak dinner—but start thinking beyond events. There are better opportunities for your business.

You can use MDF for content creation, including things such as customer case studies, or for online paid advertisements through social media.

Don’t have enough budget from one vendor for your marketing campaign? 

Bring together non-competing technology partners to fund your marketing idea. Don’t leave money on the table and start utilizing your Marketing Development Funds.  

If you’re a small to medium-sized Managed Service Provider with a small internal marketing team, focus your attention and energy on partners that make it easy for you to go market quickly. 

I have been consulting for Adaptiv Networks for almost two years now, and the robust marketing capabilities and level of support they provide in their eco-system of MSP partners is something I wish I had ten years ago. I could have used it to extend my capabilities and optimize my marketing strategy/budget.

When you don’t have the nearly infinite marketing budget to compete with larger competitors it’s important that you leverage the tools that are available to you. If you’ve found a vendor willing to provide you with access to strategic tools that can help you improve your marketing efficiency be sure to take advantage of the opportunity.

Are you interested in learning more about the Adaptiv Partner Portal, and how you can start discovering new sale opportunities? 

Get in touch with the Adaptiv marketing team below.