QSRs and Fast Casual Restaurants Are Improving Operations with Adaptiv SD-WAN

In our blog entitled “Is Your Restaurant Network Serving Up a Frictionless Dining Experience,” we talked about how digitization is impacting restaurants and how seamless, connected guest experiences are elevating brand loyalty. As digital transformation becomes a priority, restaurants, especially fast-growing QSRs and fast casuals, are looking at SD-WAN as a networking technology to quickly add new sites, improve operations, and deliver excellent guest experiences. But how is SD-WAN able to solve these challenging tasks?

What are the needs?

Quick-service and fast-casual restaurants require uninterrupted high-speed connectivity to live up to their brand promise. From processing payments to accepting and fulfilling the influx of online orders, network connectivity is a central requirement for rapid service. With delivery services like Uber Eats providing customer-facing apps to a wide variety of restaurants, those venues with good cloud connectivity will provide better ordering, payment and fulfillment experiences for the customers, thus driving higher customer ratings. And today’s digitized restaurant operations are more efficient. To keep orders flowing from the cashier to the cook, connectivity ties automated inventory controls directly to the on-the-spot credit card validations to expedite drive-thru orders. When sporadic network connections fail, operations can sputter, resulting in unhappy customers.

In addition to consistent connections, QSRs and fast-casual restaurants typically do not have a full technical support team at every location to grapple with problems that may arise when implementing a new networking technology. Whether it's finding out why their payment system is not working, or why the network is not providing the connectivity for staff training, restaurant teams struggle to succeed when their network connectivity is not delivering.

Adaptiv Eliminates the Challenges

Adaptiv Networks is helping all classes of restaurants fill these gaps by providing a managed SD-WAN solution that extends high-quality connectivity to meet restaurants’ needs. Adaptiv Networks partners with top managed service providers (MSPs) to ensure quick-service/fast-casual restaurants have the connectivity they need to succeed. MSP’s have the operational expertise to integrate Adaptiv’s cloud-controlled SD-WAN as part of a manage network solution, which means restaurants do not need in-house IT resources to handle the day-to-day network operational activities. Remote troubleshooting is included so that restaurants can focus on delivering excellent customer experiences enabled by efficient operations.

In addition to eliminating day-to-day operational headaches, Adaptiv | SD-WAN provides the cloud-controlled equipment that offers the flexibility to grow the business into any new or existing venue. The MSP handles the installation and support, and the restaurant has maximum flexibility to use any type of connection from any ISP. Adaptiv | SD-WAN creates a high-speed connection that combines the speed from multiple links, enabling restaurants to meet bandwidth requirements even in low-bandwidth areas. The solution ensures onsite restaurant operations run efficiently and deliver positive experiences for customers. With no capital expenditures required and no hidden costs, Adaptiv Networks makes it easy for quick service restaurants and fast-casual venues to keep up with the latest technology.

Adaptiv | SD-WAN maintains always-on connectivity to cloud-applications and other sites, ensuring that all network traffic reaches its destination even when peak operations are higher than expected. The solution continuously monitors the health of communication links and reacts in a split second to protect restaurant sites against lost productivity caused by link outages. Adaptiv Networks actively manages cloud services to prioritize critical applications – like credit card processing and voice calls – ensuring optimal quality of experience even for restaurants using low-cost broadband connections.

Adaptiv Networks offers QSR and fast-casual restaurants a powerful managed connectivity solution that ensures quality and reliability for a successful digital restaurant transformations.

5 Reasons Why Quick Service and Fast Casual Restaurants Should Use Adaptiv | SD-WAN

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