Removing Friction from Delivering Managed SD-WAN Services

Today’s business leaders are going digital and going digital requires agile connectivity to the clouds that host their business data and applications. They need reliable bandwidth for high-quality voice and video solutions and digital applications to improve their customer experiences. They need reliable connections to ensure mission-critical apps remain productive.

Corporate leaders realize that bringing these responsibilities in-house, drives up costs significantly.

It sounds like they need SD-WAN to reduce cost and simplify network complexities. But without the in-house expertise, how are they going to avoid the operational challenges they are sure to encounter?

As managed services providers, you have the knowledge to solve their connectivity challenges. By offloading network operations and administration tasks, MSPs allow businesses to focus on delivering what they do best – creating products and services that support their customers. You understand networks and how to put technology to work for business.

Adaptiv Networks helps you succeed. Let’s look at some of the pain points you will encounter in delivering managed SD-WAN services and how Adaptiv Networks makes the process frictionless for you - and your customers.

Reducing Upfront and Recurring Costs

One of the big challenges for the MSP and for a business, is configuring network connectivity at each branch location. Deploying cloud infrastructures, like SD-WAN gateways, orchestrators, and backbone transport requires significant upfront costs, and rolling trucks out to each branch is not cost effective.

The intelligent cloud managed Adaptiv | SD-WAN is a great solution that is ready to go. Just partner with us and you’ll avoid the typical up-front CAPEX required to get into new markets. This means you will be profitable from day one. Adaptiv Networks offers simple, affordable site licenses that include everything you need to build powerful SD-WAN solutions, quickly and cost-effectively. In addition to lower CAPEX, centralized cloud management keeps OPEX costs low and easily scales to increase site bandwidth for you and your customers. Our solution not only lowers the cost for your customers, it reduces the IT effort required to manage the network.

Improving Cloud Reliability and Quality of Experience

MSPs have a key metric – the customer satisfaction performance indicator. There are many challenges that come with keeping the customer satisfied. Using a cloud managed SD-WAN solution moves the needle a long way towards meeting that objective. Adaptiv | SD-WAN automatically manages cloud performance by ensuring the quality of service for real-time applications and eliminating network downtime for sites using multiple links. Patented failover technology detects link loss quickly, and reacts so that applications do not drop – it is more than basic back up connectivity.

Another significant challenge for MSPs is to efficiently manage connectivity for their customers. Network administrators need on-demand access to real-time metrics for every connection to every client site. The Adaptiv | Cloud portal delivers deep visibility and control to MSPs to help them proactively identify performance issues with speed, latency, jitter & packet loss. This information provides performance insights across all points in the network, even on local loops, where most performance issues occur. These tools from Adaptiv Networks allow the MSP to confirm service level agreements and fix issues quickly and remotely, reducing truck rolls.

Increasing Sales Growth

Successful MSP growth comes from both top technology and a well-educated sales staff with access to the right business engagement tools. For MSPs, an SD-WAN vendor can deliver the technology, but a true SD-WAN partner also helps you find new business customers to facilitate your growth. Adaptiv Networks unique sales enablement support fits this bill. Adaptiv Networks' partner portal provides educational tools and turnkey digital marketing campaigns, enabling MSPs to build sales pipeline while lowering customer acquisition costs.

Create Business Success with Adaptiv Networks

Successful MSPs need the ability to identify and build relationships. When business customers rely on cloud applications the MSP must provide cloud connectivity that’s secure, reliable and cost effective. Adaptiv Networks managed SD-WAN provides an agile cloud connectivity solution that’s purpose-built to ensure MSP success. Together, we can enable your customers to focus on their business, instead of their network.

Check out our infographic on How Frictionless SD-WAN Ensures MSP Success.