Solving Retail's Scalable Network Needs with SD-WAN

Even though eCommerce focused retailers are doing their best to change our buying habits, it's physical store locations that continue to drive today’s most successful retail brands. eMarketer projected that online retail eCommerce in 2019 represented only 10.9% of total US retail spending across all merchants for the year, brick-and-mortar stores still account for nearly 90% of all retail transactions. While many retailers continue focusing on growing their eCommerce, successful brands are using both approaches, and they're continuing to expand their physical presence. As they grow, they need to ensure that their network infrastructure can keep pace as they add new stores and deliver innovative new shopping experiences.

One way these retailers succeed is by using secure and reliable high-speed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions. The SD-WAN solution provides the agility to meet operational needs of expansion while supporting access to cloud-hosted applications that power rich in-store shopping experiences. Managed SD-WAN solutions from Adaptiv Networks provide retailers with all the right ingredients for a successful network infrastructure strategy.

From a retailer’s point of view, this description might sound a bit like nirvana. While cost, bandwidth, and resiliency are essential requirements, businesses also need simplicity in their network. Simplicity means:

  • No on-site IT support required – even when opening a new store!

  • Always-on access to support payments, voice, video, sales and operations.

  • Easy access to performance metrics and bandwidth usage information.

  • High-quality connectivity that scales quickly when stores need more speed.

  • Professional 24/7 support from your service provider.

Adaptiv Networks delivers all these benefits as part of an affordable managed SD-WAN service offering. All the components for a cloud-delivered SD-WAN are included in simple site licenses designed to eliminate hidden costs, and there’s no in-store IT support required. Cloud application performance is ensured by patented bi-directional QoS technology and automatic failover guarantees store operations continue uninterrupted though link outages. Proactive support and centralized management are also included as part of the managed service offering to help retailers further minimize ongoing IT cost.

Accelerating Retail Digital Transformation

Retailers today are proving successful in their digital transformations, reaching customers digitally through podcasts, interactive QR-code-based videos, social media, and digital display ads that drive more traffic to their stores. With their success, these businesses need flexibility, reliability, and scalability in their network connectivity to deliver rich, innovative in-store customer experiences that increase brand loyalty.

Many retail chains in North America are using Adaptiv Networks SD-WAN solutions to meet their dynamic network communications needs. One common use is the grand opening of a new store, which often includes launch activities that place higher than typical bandwidth requirements on the network. Live video streams, customer social media usage, and check-out activity can all peak during a successful store launch, stretching the store network infrastructure well beyond normal operations. Adaptiv’s SD-WAN solution aggregates the speed of multiple links into a high-speed cloud connection. Retailers can use different types of links from different ISPs in any combination with Adaptiv | SD-WAN, this provides the versatility to respond to these types of challenges by quickly increasing store bandwidth whenever and wherever you need it!

Why Retailers Choose Adaptiv | SD-WAN

Adaptiv | SD-WAN helps ensure stores have plenty of high-quality bandwidth to support customer-facing applications as well as operational applications such as cameras and security alarm systems. The solution also includes reporting tools that track usage and performance down to individual cloud applications and bandwidth links, which empowers retailers to make informed network planning decisions.

The power of the Adaptiv solution plus the ease of a frictionless managed SD-WAN service is helping retailers embrace technology and innovation. Every store gets mission-critical connectivity with greater flexibility and control, all while reducing strain on internal IT staff. You can enjoy these benefits, too! To learn more, download our solution brief on 5 Reasons Retailers Should Use Adaptiv | SD-WAN.