Solving the Home Working Conundrum

With millions of employees now working from home, IT vendors and managed service providers are falling over themselves to show they have a Work from Home (WFH) solution. In short, businesses are looking to their trusted network partners to show them a quick, simple and affordable way to turn unreliable and "flaky" home broadband into a secure, resilient and performant extension to the corporate WAN and Cloud services.

At Adaptiv Networks this is the number 1 topic of conversation amongst our MSP Partners. There is a significant demand from business customers for immediate help in supporting home workers together with an evolving recognition that as many as 30% to 40% of staff may never return to the office on a full time basis. These businesses need to provide their employees with very robust transport from home, which guarantees secure, high quality and reliable access to business applications both in the data center and public/private clouds. In particular, we are witnessing the rise of video conferencing solutions as a key tool for businesses trying to manage communications with their employees, partners and customers. It is vital that home internet links are of a high quality, extremely resilient and never drop a call.

One technology that can help with this is SD-WAN, which enables much quicker, simpler and more flexible network management performed by centrally located IT experts rather than requiring expertise at home. Several of the premier SD-WAN solutions can load balance traffic between 2 or more internet links, fail over seamlessly when 1 of the links fails or deteriorates in quality and prioritize the most critical application traffic such as voice and video ahead of domestic video streaming or on-line games.

The problem for many businesses is that most of their employees have only 1 internet line into their homes. Whilst the cost of installing a second, business grade link into a house is, no doubt, much lower than the rental cost of the equivalent office space in a city centre or business park, the time lag between ordering these lines and actual installation is likely to be several weeks, at least, due to very high demand. Businesses can’t wait, they need a short term plan for improving home communications for their staff now, not in 2 to 3 months’ time. The answer, surely, has to be LTE.

A home broadband link, coupled with a 4G/5G backup managed by an SD-WAN solution, will provide the resilience to satisfy most home office requirements. Combine that with quality of service to prioritize the most critical business applications, such as voice and video, as well as the ability to manage, provision and configure everything from the Cloud, businesses now have the ideal “Work from Home” solution at a financial cost saving when compared with the price of office space.

Adaptiv Networks helps solve both the technical and commercial challenges of the home working conundrum. We specialize in simple cloud-managed SD-WAN solutions that are delivered exclusively via our network of certified Managed Service Providers (MSP). Our work from home solutions include everything except the home broadband line itself for a simple, affordable, all-inclusive annual subscription from as little as $50 (USD) per month.

We give home workers the flexibility to mix-and-match multiple broadband links. LTE connectivity can be configured alongside the broadband link in an active/active or active/passive set up with seamless failover between the two. Our intelligent cloud network ensures video and voice calls are never dropped and QOS ensures a platinum level quality of experience for the home worker. Network visibility is provided through our cloud portal, with 24/7 professional IT support from your MSP.

Whilst there is uncertainty on when and how many employees will return to work from their offices, it is clear that life will never be quite the same following the coronavirus pandemic. People and companies will have to adapt to a new normal, one that is clearly putting SD-WAN near to the top of the “Must Have” list of critical IT technologies.

Contact the Adaptiv Networks team today to find out how you can integrate this cutting-edge networking technology into your telecommuting home offices!

Adrian Tate is the VP of EMEA for Adaptiv Networks, having previously held senior positions in Oracle/Talari, InfoVista and Riverbed. Adrian is a recognized expert in SD-WAN having appeared on panels at shows, as well as participating in on-line forums.