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Link Conditioning

Quality as a Service
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Forward Error Correction (FEC)

Communication networks do not guarantee the delivery of data packets.


 Packet loss degrades application performance, and negatively impacts users' quality of experience (QoE). Advanced Link conditioning techniques protect application quality by using Dynamic Forward Error Correction (FEC) to send redundant packets.


The challenge with FEC is that sending redundant packets can create network congestion and lead to service quality degradation. Advanced FEC technology is needed to adjust packet delivery rates based on application requirements and changing bandwidth conditions so that users get the benefits of FEC while avoiding network congestion.  

Quality as a Service

Our patented LiveQoS FEC technology is the best in class link conditioning solution that takes application performance to the next level. We combine predictive network analytics with performance monitoring into an algorithm that dynamically adjusts packet delivery rates based on actual bandwidth availability, even when network conditions change during an application session.

We offer various intelligent FEC mode settings optimized for specific traffic flows and network conditions to ensure application performance across multiple use cases. Whether you need crystal clear call quality, fluid video streaming, or fast data transfer for large files, LiveQoS FEC provides Quality as a Service that takes your user experience to the next level.



Superior QoE for Real-Time
Voice & Video



Improved Responsiveness for
Remote Applications


File Transfers

Higher Goodput for Data
Transfer Applications

Quality as a Service

Performance Improvement

Our Advanced Forward Error Correction technologies delivers Quality-as-a-Service across a variety of application types and the performance gains are even more impressive as network packet loss increases.

Typical Applications
Overhead w/ zero network loss
Overhead w/ network loss
Packet Recovery Induced Latency
Real Time Audio
None or some (configurable)
Pkts/sec: None Bit/sec: 1X or 2X
1 or 2 Audio Sample Times
Real Time Video Data Transfer (UDP)
None or some (configurable)
Dynamic Network Loss Rate
Real Time Video Data Transfer (UDP)
None or some (configurable)
Dynamic Target Loss Rate

Quality as a Service
FEC-A Loss Correction

Corrected Loss vs. Network Loss
FEC-A Level 1 Loss Correction.png

Quality as a Service
FEC-Z Loss Correction

FEC-Z Loss Correction.png

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