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Digital Transformation
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Business & Cloud Connectivity in a (Post?) Pandemic Era

Digital transformation is happening all around us, with new technologies that increase our business productivity. The pandemic of 2020 has accelerated the push towards digital transformation in nearly every industry, making us all more reliant on business and cloud connectivity to perform our day-to-day operations.

Our virtual conference explores the vision, technology, and best practices ensuring you have the right connectivity to power your digital business transformation. Now available on-demand!

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Recorded Live
Wed, Nov 4, 2020

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Business and technology leaders
who want to build a more agile organization that can adapt and
thrive in difficult times.

Why Attend?

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To gain valuable insights on proven solutions and business strategies ensuring maximum return on network and technology investments.



Welcome Message
(5 Minutes)

The Emergency of Digital Transformation
Keynote presentation by Bernard Breton, CEO of Adaptiv Networks​ providing the visionary outlook for the digitally transformed business and what we have learned from the pandemic. (40 Minutes)

Cloud & Enterprise Connectivity
Technology presentation by Adaptiv Networks Frederick Parent, CTO & Sebastien Tellier, Channel Program Director  - exploring the barriers to digital transformation and how to solve them with the right network connectivity. (40 Minutes)

The Always Connected Business
Roundtable discussion of challenging customer use cases and how to solve them with insights from our panel of experts. (40 Minutes)

Questions, Closing Remarks, and Prizes
Final thoughts from Bernard Breton. Thank our attendees with live prize giveaways. Winners must be digitally present to claim their prize. ​(20 Minutes)

Conference Speakers


Bernard Breton

Chief Executive Officer
Adaptiv Networks

Glen Schmid

Vice President Sales
Adaptiv Networks
Frederick Parent.jpg

Frederick Parent

Chief Technology Officer
Adaptiv Networks
Sebastien headshot.jpg

Sébastien Tellier

Channel Program Director
Adaptiv Networks

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