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Enterprise Connect

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect

Secure, agile SD-WAN connectivity for the distributed enterprise

Simple and efficient cloud-managed networks that deliver superior reliability and performance for cloud services and private applications.

A better Network Experience

Accelerate digital transformation

With business applications shifting to the cloud, enterprise networks need secure, reliable bandwidth with the flexibility to connect users to both private data centers and cloud-based business services with faster speeds and lower operating costs.

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect is a secure, cloud-managed network solution that uses advanced technology powered by our SD-WAN Cloud to dynamically optimize user quality of experience across all your business-critical private applications and cloud services.


We eliminate the learning curves and the hidden costs because our solution is a managed service with certified IT professionals handling installation and support.


Bring your branch locations and private data centers together into a secure, cloud-managed network that scales easily to connect new sites or remote users.

Intelligent Networks

Our solution recognizes applications and optimizes performance – simply login to our SD-WAN cloud to view analytics for your applications.

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Optimizing private applications and business cloud services

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect uses software intelligence powered by the Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud. Each network connection is continuously monitored and managed, and all application traffic is prioritized to deliver exceptional user experiences. Voice and video call quality is protected during network congestion, and all users and sessions will stay connected even when a link fails. 

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect is the agile cloud-managed SD-WAN that simultaneously optimizes performance across all business cloud services and private corporate applications.

The visibility and control of cloud-managed
SD-WAN without the IT complexity

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect provides the agility and performance of a hybrid SD-WAN, delivered with the simplicity and confidence of a professionally managed service.


Certified professionals handle remote service provisioning, network monitoring, and 24/7 support as part of a managed network experience that reduces strain on your IT team.

Application Awareness

Our solution recognizes and prioritizes applications and manages traffic based on real-time link health to optimize voice and video calls, and other business-critical services.

Increase Bandwidth

Combine multiple connections into a smart network that delivers faster speeds and better performance, with the flexibility to use any broadband Internet or private MPLS circuits.

Eliminate Downtime

Our patented seamless link failover solution keeps all users, applications and sessions online through network link outages with no dropped calls and no change in IP address.

Visibility and Control

The Adaptiv SD-WAN cloud provides role-based access for customers to simply login and view reports on network status, bandwidth usage, applications performance and more.

Secure Network

Build a scalable private network that connects all branch offices and data centers, with encrypted access to cloud services and secure remote access to work from anywhere.

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Frequently asked questions

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect

No, you do not have to switch your internet provider. We offer a cloud-based SD-WAN network as an overlay to your existing Internet service provider.

We will provide a small, cloud-managed router-type device for each branch location. You have to connect the Ethernet cables and power it up, and we will do the rest remotely. 

You do not have to replace your existing router or firewall, but some minor configuration changes may be required during the installation process. In many cases there is an opportunity to retire obsolete network appliances.

Yes, our Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud provides zero-touch provisioning so that new sites can be added quickly and easily using any type of connections. 

Yes, Adaptiv Enterprise Connect provides the flexibility to scale by simply adding additional links to get more speed as it can leverage any inexpensive broadband internet connection. With our Network-as-a-Service, all it takes is one phone call to increase your throughput.

Note that the service licenses are sold based on the site bandwidth with tiers available from 15 Mbps to 2 Gbps. Prorated license fees may apply when the additional site bandwidth goes into a higher license tier.

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect delivers better cloud performance, simplified management, and much lower bandwidth cost-per-megabit compared to MPLS when using broadband connections. However, if you want to keep all or part of your MPLS links, Adaptiv Enterprise Connect can co-exist and work with MPLS as long as is needed.

Yes, Adaptiv My Connect licenses provide your remote workers with simple and secure remote access that is powered by our SD-WAN Cloud. This is much better than a traditional corporate VPN because remote workers get a better experience for business cloud applications and there is no additional hardware or VPN concentrator required.

The Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud provides secure, role-based access to online reports. User can view interactive charts showing network health and quality of experience (QoE) scores with latency, jitter and packet loss stats for all sites, links and key applications. Monthly site-level email reports are also available by subscription. Book a live demo to learn more.

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