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ELFIQ Link Balancing

ELFIQ Link Balancing

Flexible networks with rock-solid performance

Network connectivity is essential for delivering customer experiences and optimizing workforce productivity, but for many organizations the cost and complexity of increasing bandwidth and managing connectivity is unsustainable. ELFIQ link load balancing solves bandwidth challenges and puts you in control of your network.

A better Network Experience

Fast, reliable networks with complete visibility and control

Our link load balancing technology combines multiple ISP links into a high-performance managed connection with a cloud-management port to control network performance and quality-of-service for key applications. 

Ideal for single site businesses and distributed enterprise networks alike, ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks is the solution of choice for businesses who want faster and more reliable bandwidth.

Greater Bandwidth

Combine multiple network connections together to increase bandwidth up to 20Gbps.

Better Performance

Recognize and prioritize 2000+ applications to optimize user quality of experience.

Easier Management

Centralized cloud management provides remote network monitoring and management.


Enterprise-Grade Network Failover For SMEs

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks, is a powerful and flexible bandwidth management solution that integrates flawlessly in virtually any network architecture or topology. This technology allows the mixing of private WAN links (Fiber, MPLS, etc.) with public network Internet links, aggregating all the connections together into a scalable, reliable, cloud-managed network solution that is invisible to attackers. 

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks can be deployed individually in single site environment, or across multiple branch offices or remote sites to create a site-to-site SD-WAN infrastructure, either as hardware, in virtual environments, and/or in a High Availability setting – you’re in complete control of your network.

Enjoy powerful network capabilities

Secure, application-aware networks available worldwide.


Deliver up to 20Gbps of combined throughput across multiple link providers and technologies, from LTE to MPLS, over copper or fiber.


Our dynamic failover solution keeps all users online through network link outages with a combination of link diversity, LAN failsafe and high availability.


Prioritize the applications critical to your business by guaranteeing they get processed first, and receive the bandwidth they need to work optimally.


Access a vast library of features allowing your business to configure outbound and inbound link redundancy, geographic failover to secondary sites, or optimize access to your private cloud environments.


Build the network infrastructure you need, with flexible technology supporting single site environments, Hybrid WAN, SD-WAN, and available for VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V.


Login to our Cloud console for insight on application performance, link health, and bandwidth usage so you can make well-informed network and telecom decisions.

Find the right model for your business

LinkCare Maintenance & Support Plans

Maximizing network uptime is our team’s top priority. Whether you need occasional support or around the clock access to a support engineer, our operations team has a maintenance plan that meets the technical and business requirements of your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions
about ELFIQ by Adaptiv

The ELFIQ Link Load Balancers can be deployed without any reconfiguration to your firewall. Connect it between your ISP router and firewall, power it up, and we will do the rest remotely. 

You do not have to change your existing router or firewall, but in many cases there is an opportunity to retire obsolete network appliances.

Different types of traffic require different types of networks. While broadband internet is generally the best option for cloud traffic, MPLS is still a tried and true technology when it comes to wide area networks. ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks can support and balance traffic on multiple broadband and MPLS links concurrently.

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks can help you facilitate your transition away from MPLS before the end of your contract. Since our Link Load Balancers can handle internet and MPLS simultaneously, you can start deploying your ELFIQ SD-WAN right away, and simply move all your traffic over when the contract ends.

Yes, ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks provides the flexibility to scale by simply adding additional links to get more speed as it can leverage any inexpensive broadband internet connection. 

Based on your current and future bandwidth requirements, and on the types of ports you require, our team will recommend the right appliance for you. 

Licenses go from 100mbps to 20Gbps. Prorated license fees may apply when the additional site bandwidth goes into a higher license tier.

ELFIQ Central provides secure, role-based access to online reports. You can easily track network incidents for each of your links, at every one of your sites, obtain reports on bandwidth consumption, and even see the breakdown by application (option). Monthly email reports provide insight on link uptime, outages prevented, and top applications by bandwidth usage.

In the event that the ELFIQ appliance becomes unresponsive or loses power, it goes into passthrough mode to prevent any interruption to your business. 

Note that while the unit is in this mode, optimization features are unavailable.

Yes. Two ELFIQ Link Load Balancers can be deployed in an Active-Passive configuration. If the Active unit becomes unresponsive, traffic is transferred to the Passive unit to ensure business continuity. Book a live demo to learn more.

All ELFIQ Link Load Balancers support LTE, 4G, 3G through delivered over USB modems. The ELFIQ Edge Series is further equipped with an onboard LTE modem, allowing you to simply insert a SIM card.

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