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Worried About Your Firewall Vulnerabilities?

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Protect Your Business With Adaptiv SD-WAN

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, where threats loom large and vulnerabilities abound, businesses are compelled to fortify their defenses with robust solutions. For years, firewalls have stood as stalwarts, guarding the gates of network security. However, as the digital realm expands and threats become more sophisticated, relying solely on traditional firewall solutions may leave businesses vulnerable.

Enter Adaptiv SD-WAN, a cutting-edge technology poised to reinforce your firewall and elevate your security posture to new heights. Adaptiv Networks provides cloud-managed network connectivity solutions for businesses seeking simplicity, performance, and cost-effectiveness. Our SD-WAN ensures unbreakable Internet, smart connectivity, and enhanced security.


Shielding Your Firewall with Adaptiv SD-WAN

Despite their importance, traditional firewalls are not immune to vulnerabilities. With new exploits and zero-day vulnerabilities surfacing regularly, businesses face an ongoing battle to keep their firewall defenses up to date. Critical vulnerabilities in leading firewall solutions, such as Fortinet and Meraki, underscore the pressing need for enhanced security measures.

Recent vulnerabilities in Fortinet and Cisco Meraki have highlighted the potential risks associated with relying solely on firewall protection. For instance, a FortiClientEMS vulnerability allows remote, unauthenticated attackers to execute arbitrary commands on admin workstations[1]. Another impacts FortiOS and FortiProxy captive portals, enabling inside attackers to execute arbitrary code or commands[2]. Another example, a vulnerability in the local status page functionality of the Cisco Meraki MR, MS, MX, Z1, and Z3 product lines could allow an authenticated, remote attacker to modify device configuration files[3].

Adaptiv SD-WAN redefines network security by extending the boundaries of the Internet to our own SD-WAN gateways. By leveraging a private IP address scheme, Adaptiv shields your firewall from direct exposure to external threats. This innovative approach adds an extra layer of protection, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and minimizing the impact of potential breaches on your network infrastructure.

Strengthening and Supplementing Firewall Security with Adaptiv

Adaptiv Connect goes beyond traditional SD-WAN capabilities to deliver native local firewall capabilities at your sites. By reinforcing your security posture with site-to-gateway encryption and DDOS protection, Adaptiv empowers your network defenses to withstand a wide range of threats. Unlike conventional firewalls, which may struggle to cope with sophisticated attacks, Adaptiv ensures comprehensive protection without compromising performance or scalability.

In addition to local firewall capabilities, Adaptiv Cloud Protect offers supplementary security features to bolster your firewall defenses. By implementing URL and DNS filtering at the cloud level, Adaptiv enhances your protection against malicious websites and unauthorized access attempts. Moreover, the cost-effective nature of Adaptiv Cloud Protect makes it an attractive option for businesses seeking to maximize their security investments without breaking the bank.

Empowering Remote Connectivity with Adaptiv My Connect

As remote work becomes increasingly prevalent, ensuring secure access to corporate resources is paramount. Adaptiv My Connect enables users to connect remotely and securely to corporate networks through gateways, while extending security policies to remote endpoints. By embracing a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) philosophy, Adaptiv eliminates the need for resource-intensive VPN clients, streamlining remote connectivity without compromising security or performance.

Moving Towards a Layered Security Approach

Despite their importance, firewalls are not infallible, and the burden of maintaining them falls squarely on businesses’ shoulders. Misconfigurations, outdated firmware, and resource constraints can compromise the effectiveness of traditional firewalls. By adding a layer of security through Adaptiv SD-WAN or transitioning to a SASE model, businesses can augment their defenses and stay ahead of evolving threats.

Evolving Security Landscape: From Firewalls to SASE

Firewalls have long been the cornerstone of business security, serving as the first line of defense against external threats. However, security is a constantly shifting paradigm, and the emergence of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) represents a significant evolution in network security architecture. SASE integrates network security and connectivity solutions, leveraging cloud gateways to provide comprehensive protection across the distributed enterprise. With the shift towards SASE, the focus is on Secure Service Edge (SSE), emphasizing the need for a holistic approach to security that extends beyond traditional perimeter defenses.

In conclusion, the paradigm shift towards SASE and the emergence of innovative solutions like Adaptiv SD-WAN herald a new era of network security. By adopting a layered, overlapping approach to security, businesses can reinforce their firewall defenses and mitigate the risks posed by modern cyber threats. With Adaptiv, you can fortify your network infrastructure, safeguard your sensitive data, and embrace the future of secure connectivity with confidence.

Would you like to know more about how Adaptiv Networks can deepen your cybersecurity posture? Take a look at our SASE solution brief.

Sébastien Tellier is the Channel Program Director at Adaptiv Networks. Prior to joining Adaptiv, Sébastien worked at Martello and ELFIQ Networks, where he held different positions in marketing and sales in the SD-WAN market. During that time, he appeared on panels and shows in Europe and North America, while working with channel partners across the planet. Sébastien holds a Master of Science in Marketing from HEC Montréal.