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Retail Network Connectivity

Deliver frictionless in-store shopping experiences

Digital transformation has changed the way customers shop and buy. The store network must stay online to deliver a rich connected shopping experience. Retailers need smart and reliable store connectivity that just works, so they can focus on customers instead of the network.

Always-on connections keep your contact center and payment systems working for you

Secure and fast connectivity keeps checkout lines moving and customer data safe

High-quality Internet supports rich in-store experiences to increase brand loyalty

Use their phones while shopping in-store
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Agile store connectivity that grows with your brand

Securely interconnect your stores, offices, and remote customer support agents in the cloud without worrying about network complexities. We provide smarter and more reliable cloud connectivity that just works so that you can focus on your customers instead of your network.

Improving Store Networks with Adaptiv Business Connect

Open New Stores Quickly

New stores often need to be set up on short notice, any delays can lead to missed revenue. Our connectivity solutions allow new stores to be set up quickly and easily so you can bring network connectivity online in just minutes using any type of local broadband connections.

Expand your Capacity

We can integrate with your existing Internet service providers with ease. Our unique multi-link aggregation manages multiple broadband links automatically. Simply add another cable, fiber, DSL, or 4G/5G connection to increase store bandwidth whenever and wherever you need it.

Fast and Secure Payments

Guest Wi-Fi enhances the customer experience, but it can also add to bandwidth and security challenges. Adaptiv Business Connect intelligently separates guest traffic from business traffic, and prioritizes payment transactions to ensure smooth and secure checkouts.

Serve Peak Demands

Stores cope with peak demand during holidays, campaigns, and promotions. Adaptiv Business Connect provides centralized and consistent reporting across all store locations to help you make performance-based decisions about future network upgrade investments for best performance.

Prevent Revenue Loss

If you're not connected 24x7, you're losing money. Adaptiv Business Connect provides market-leading seamless failover that automatically keeps stores online through link outages. All your voice, cloud, and payment systems stay connected, virtually eliminating store network downtime.

Deliver Rich Experiences

Retail technology trends such as mobile apps, curbside pickup and virtual shopping can increase brand loyalty and enhance the customer experience. We provide smart connectivity that delivers high-quality performance with the right features to power your retail store of the future.

See our market-leading retail store failover solution in action

Start Planning Your Store of the Future Today

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