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Healthcare Network Connectivity

Deliver frictionless connected care experiences

Our cloud connectivity solutions offer medical facilities the best way to stay online, keep medical records secure, and keep the focus on patients, not the network.

Always on managed Internet connections

High-quality telehealth experience

Secure network access from anywhere

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growth in telehealth services between March 2019 and March 2020

Accelerate digital healthcare transformation

Securely interconnect your medical offices, clinics, hospitals, healthcare centers, and remote staff to the cloud. We provide smart and reliable cloud connectivity solutions that are professionally managed so you don't need to worry about the network complexities.

Experience the Benefits of Agile Cloud Connectivity

Ensure 24x7 Operations

Medical staff need access to patient records and to communicate with insurers, pharmacies, and other medical professionals. Network outages put patient outcomes at risk. Our market-leading seamless failover keeps your team online 24/7/365.

High-Quality Telehealth

Telehealth and Telemedicine are now essential for reaching more patients and safely delivering quality care. Our solutions are built to deliver crystal clear voice and video for telehealth sessions and calls with medical centers and other healthcare providers.

Secure Cloud Connectivity

Patients deserve confidentiality, which requires data security for digital access and transfer of patient records. Our cloud connectivity solutions provide encryption to keep patient data secure and zero trust network access to protect access to patient records.

Accelerate Growth

New medical technologies can drive business growth, but they can also change your network requirements. We provide agile network connectivity that make it easy to increase bandwidth or connect new clinics and offices quickly as your practice grows.

Reduce IT Complexity

Quality care requires attention to detail, but network issues can cause distractions and frustrate staff. Our cloud-managed solutions are monitored and managed by certified IT pros so that you can focus on your patients instead of your network.

Reduce Cost

Cost control is key to sustained profitability for medical offices and healthcare clinics. Adaptiv cloud connectivity solutions are sold as affordable opex licenses that are designed to fit your IT budget and eliminate hidden costs.

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