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Branch Office Connectivity

Branch Office Connectivity

Simple, secure and reliable office networks

Whether you have one location or a thousand, office workers deserve network connectivity that optimizes their productivity. Our solutions protect quality for business calls and cloud services, and they're fully managed so you can focus on your business instead of your network.

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Simple and predictable pricing with no upfront cost and no surprises

Professional remote installation with zero-touch provisioning

Includes cloud monitoring and management with 24/7 support

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consider unbreakable internet access important for their business

Bring your business to the cloud with confidence

Digital transformation enables any-sized business to increase their competitiveness. But cloud productivity depends on your network connection.

Adaptiv Networks connectivity solutions are powered by our SD-WAN cloud, creating an unbreakable office Internet connection that keeps the entire team online through link outages. All voice and video calls are protected from network congestion, and business cloud applications like Microsoft 365 and Google G Suite are optimized for maximum productivity.

Enterprise-grade cloud connectivity without complexities

Unbreakable Cloud Access

When the office Internet connection goes down, this brings cloud productivity to a standstill. Eliminate downtime with our market-leading multi-link failover solution that seamlessly keeps all users, applications and calls connected.

Call Quality Assurance

Business calls are sensitive to network congestion so when co-workers run multiple applications at the same that puts call quality at risk. We prioritize voice and video calls and protect them by dynamically reserving bandwidth so you can call with confidence.

Application Awareness

Are non-business applications running on your office network? Adaptiv Networks provides a smart office network that automatically recognizes and prioritizes over 2,000 applications, providing you the visibility and control you need to know your network.

Private Networking

Broadband Internet provides higher-speed for less cost, but lacks security. Adaptiv Networks encrypts traffic to provide secure office Internet access and create a private cloud-managed network connecting all your business offices, clouds and remote workers.

Network Agility

Many IT leaders find that changes and upgrades for branch networks take too long and require too many manual IT hours. We provide cloud-based provisioning that accelerates new site deployments, and easily adds more bandwidth for any existing sites.

Managed Service

Office IT staff are typically overworked, but network connectivity is critical to office productivity. Our solutions are managed by certified IT pros with cloud-based tools that accelerate network repairs and take the burden off your IT staff.

Learn how we protect voice and video call quality with no dropped calls

Ready for a better office network experience?

We’ll help you evaluate if smart cloud connectivity is right for your business.