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Restaurant Network Connectivity

Delivering a digital dining experience

It takes more than good food to satisfy restaurant guests. Reliable digital connections are baked into great dining experiences! Smart always-on connectivity helps to avoid poor-quality ordering and dining experiences.

Always-on high-quality Internet ensures smooth operations

Crystal clear voice & video call quality ensures a better experience

Simplifies your business operations - no on-site IT staff required

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Satisfy guests’ hunger for digital services with unbreakable internet

Business continuity and agility are vital to the growth of your restaurant. We provide a smarter and more reliable cloud connectivity solution that securely interconnect your offices, dining locations, and hybrid workforce on the cloud without worrying about network complexities.

Serve a Full Menu of Connected Services

Ensure Uninterrupted Operations

Seamless automatic failover ensures all employees, customers, and applications remain connected even when one of the internet connections fails or becomes congested.

Deliver Consistent Quality

Our patented Quality-as-a-Service™ ensures that essential services, like voice & video communications, online ordering, and payment processing, take network priority over non-time-sensitive applications – across all locations.

Accelerate Growth

Expanding with new restaurants requires connectivity that is easy to deploy. Adaptiv Business Connect can bring new sites online in just minutes using any last-mile connectivity, including cable, fiber, DSL, or 4G/5G.

Provide Instant Gratification

Restaurants are integrating cloud-based point-of-sale systems with online ordering into the kitchen's workflow and delivery ecosystem to enable instant on-the-go dining options and reduced wait times. We ensure connectivity from ordering to delivery services is maintained and payments are executed securely.

Deliver Digital Dining Experiences

Guests expect a connected dining experience that often includes virtual assistants for reservations, digital valet services and menus, free Wi-Fi, and mobile payments. We guarantee you have plenty of bandwidth to power your digital business operations and all customer engagement needs.

Enhance Security & Data Privacy

With cloud-based commerce, loyalty programs, and a digitally connected partner ecosystem, restaurants are exposed to growing security problems. Cardholder information must be protected, and data privacy must be maintained. We provide connectivity solutions that combine speed and security to accelerate payments processing while keeping guest and business data secure.

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