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Hotel Network Connectivity

Creating amazing digitally connected guest experiences

Delivering secure and reliable Internet access for guests can be complex and expensive, and any network downtime puts guest satisfaction at risk. Deliver high-speed, always-on, reliable Internet, and your customers will know the difference.

Use multiple links to create an unbreakable internet connection up to 20Gbps

Prioritize business-critical applications and control network performance

Manage the networks of multiple properties from a single pane of glass

access wi-fi within 7 minutes of checking in
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We ensure 5-star connectivity experiences

Network traffic spikes and drops are far from predictable, with visitors constantly coming and going. We provide a smarter and more reliable cloud connectivity solution that just works so that you can focus on your guests instead of your network.

  • Prioritize and boost the performance of real-time and business applications on your hotel network.
  • Seamless failover keeps guests and hotel services connected 24/7/365.
  • Redundant connectivity over any broadband or fiber links provides confidence in the performance of your guest network.

Hundreds of hotels rely on Adaptiv Networks for simple, reliable solutions that deliver high-quality guest connectivity.

What our customers say

Why the hospitality industry chooses Adaptiv Networks

Stellar Hotel Internet

The Adaptiv solution is powered by ELFIQ link-balancing technology that combines multiple Internet links from different service providers into a single virtual network – giving you access to sufficient bandwidth whenever you need it. Your internet connection will never go down – guaranteed.

5-Star Guest Experiences

Enable your guests with contactless check-in, voice-activated virtual assistants, digital menus, and concierge apps. Our secure connectivity solution allows you to embrace innovative cloud applications, providing your guests with service and amenities they never knew they were missing.

Application Performance

We provide a cloud-based platform to centrally monitor your network and control application experiences. Using a single pane of glass you set the policy to prioritize or block specific applications to ensure that all your guests and staff members get optimal user quality of experience.

Accelerate Growth

A property network installation can create a severe business disruption and revenue loss for new or existing properties. Simplify the complexity with our experienced professional support team and zero-touch provisioning process that makes installation a breeze with as little as 10 minutes of downtime.

Data Privacy and Security

With today's traveler and workforce continually connected digitally, you need to ensure that they can get online quickly without compromising security. Our solution keeps guest gateway traffic separate from hotel operations, creating an encrypted layer-2 secure network infrastructure that is invisible to attackers.

Scale Your Ecosystem

From the back office to dining areas and guest services, the hospitality business relies on a range of network technologies that continue to transform the guest experience. Our solution simplifies interactions with third-party devices and products, and even allows automation via (REST) APIs.

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