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Connecting the Hybrid Workforce

Connecting the Hybrid Workforce

Smart connectivity for remote workers

A hybrid workforce needs enterprise-grade connectivity that allows them to collaborate and communicate from anywhere as if they were face-to-face.

  • Simple and secure cloud-managed connectivity solutions
  • Better user experiences for business cloud apps, or private corporate apps
  • Keep home office and mobile workers online and productive
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  • Connecting the Hybrid Workforce

Don’t leave your out-of-office workers behind

Home office and mobile workers rely on video and voice calls, along with other real-time collaboration tools to keep them as productive as their colleagues in the office. When a remote worker has network connectivity issues, they simply cannot sustain productivity, which can negatively impact performance across the entire team.

Adaptiv My Connect is the simple and secure connectivity solution that optimizes productivity and ensures all employees can enjoy enterprise-grade collaboration experiences whether they work in the office, at home, or on the road.

Work from anywhere with more confidence

Call quality assurance

Voice and video calls are essential for keeping remote workers connected with co-workers and customers, but call quality is only as good as the network connection.

Adaptiv My Connect protects call quality against packet loss when the connection is poor, and avoids dropped calls with seamless failover when a backup connection is available.

Responsive cloud performance

Remote workers who rely on cloud applications like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace can be frustrated when increased lag times slows their productivity.

Adaptiv My Connect automatically selects the best available Internet connection, and dynamically protects against packet loss to boost the users’ quality of experience.

Simple and secure access

Traditional corporate VPNs provide secure access, but they are too costly, too slow, and too complex to manage.

Adaptiv My Connect combines simplicity with security and performance, allowing remote workers to safely and easily connect from anywhere using any Internet connections. 

Unbreakable Internet

For remote workers, their network connection is their lifeline for business productivity. When their connection goes down they simply can’t get their work done.

Adaptiv My Connect intelligently manages network traffic across multiple Internet connections with seamless failover to keep remote workers connected through link outages.

67% of businesses expect remote work will remain long-term

Keeping remote workers connected and productive

With the emergence of the new hybrid workforce, many business leaders are looking to ensure productivity for employees who work from home on a full-time or part-time basis.

One of the biggest remote work challenges is cloud connectivity because any Internet downtime or VPN performance issues can bring productivity to a dead stop.


  • Difficulty or lack of technical support
  • Lost productivity from Internet downtime
  • Poor quality voice and video calls
  • Congested bandwidth slows productivity
  • Getting secure access to the corporate network


  • Centralized professional IT support
  • Avoid downtime with failover protection
  • Quality boost for voice and video calls
  • Automatically chooses the best available connection
  • Simple and secure access to the corporate network
Solution for Remote Workers

Enterprise-grade connectivity at home or on the go

Wherever your employees work from these days, Adaptiv My Connect is the simple connectivity app that helps ensure they have reliable, high quality access to stay productive.

With better quality and reliability for business cloud applications, encrypted Internet access, and seamless failover to prevent downtime, your hybrid workforce can finally achieve maximum productivity.

“Easy to deploy and manage”

Sumanth R

Turnkey Solutions for Resellers

Superior remote connectivity for your business clients

With more companies relying on work-from-home employees, plus the return of the business traveler, the market demand has exploded for a simple, secure connectivity solution that works from anywhere.

Adaptiv My Connect is the scalable, cloud-managed solution that is purpose-built for today’s hybrid workforce. It’s a simple software app that provides enterprise-grade connectivity features without the added cost and complexity of a hardware appliance, but it’s only available from our certified partners. Contact us today to learn more about the Adaptiv Networks partner program and become a reseller today.

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