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Manufacturing NETWORK Solutions

Optimize production with smart factory network connectivity

Smart cloud connectivity turns factories into productivity machines by increasing reliability while lowering costs. Our simple cloud-managed factory network solutions deliver rock-solid 24-7 connectivity and superior performance that's powered by the Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud.

Guaranteed always-on connectivity boosts operational efficiency

Secure broadband with managed services bring cost-efficiencies

Proactive cloud-based management ensures quality of experience

Companies adopting SD-WAN have seen reduced yearly site downtime.
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Prevent network disruptions with unbreakable cloud connectivity

Smart manufacturing operations need Unbreakable Internet on factory floors, warehouses, corporate sites, and home offices. We provide a smarter and more reliable cloud connectivity solution over any underlying broadband network - cable, fiber, DSL, or 4G/5G connection.

Cloud connectivity benefits for smart factory operations

Zero Downtime

If your factory isn't connected, you're losing money. You need a network that ensures production. Our seamless failover solution prevents unanticipated downtime by automatically avoiding link outages to keep your operations online 24/7/365.

Quality Communications

Whether you are on a factory floor, office or calling from home, real-time voice and video collaboration are essential. Our patented Quality-as-a-Service™ solution adds reliability and quality assurance to ensure your calls are heard loud and clear.

Cloud Readiness

Technology is digitizing the means of production, with the data processing and analytics being powered by the cloud. We provide agile and secure connectivity with the intelligence to optimize performance for business-critical cloud applications.

Reduce Complexity

Meeting production deadlines requires focus, so you can’t afford to be distracted by network issues. Our connectivity solutions are remotely provisioned, monitored and managed by certified IT pros so you have one less thing to worry about.

Scale Quickly

When manufacturers grow and adopt new technologies, they need an agile network that's ready to grow with them. We make it easier than ever to add new sites, or increase bandwidth for existing sites whenever and wherever you need it.

Reduce Costs

Cost control is the key to sustained profitability. Our opex license pricing brings economies of scale to your IT budget. We makes it easy to build a powerful, smart factory network that's professionally managed to eliminate hidden costs.

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