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Software Defined Innovation

Since 2002 we have built a legacy of software defined innovation in the areas of network reliability, network orchestration, network security and application performance. Our research and development has lead to the accumulation of multiple patents and our portfolio of intellectual property is now among the largest in the SD-WAN industry.


Adaptiv SD-WAN-as-a-Service

Our SD-WAN-as-a-Service solutions are sold as Adaptiv SD-WAN and Adaptiv SD-INTERNET. These products or portions thereof are protected by the following patents.


AU 2009316197

AU 2015258288

AU 201028174


CA 2893648

CA 2805105

CA 2743548

CA 2770791


CN ZL200980149872.1

CN ZL201080042756.2

Hong Kong

HK 1223208

HK 1163973

United States

US 10,778,592

US 10,785,190

US 10,333,832 

US 9,929,964

US 10,122,829

US 9,692,713

US 10,523,593 

US 9,426,029

US 10,205,632

US 9,264,307

US 9,264,350

US 8,737,214 

US 8,155,158

US 8,913,610

US 8,913,486

LiveQoS OEM Solutions

Our OEM solutions are licensed as LiveQoS FEC and LiveQoS Acceleration. These products or portions thereof are protected by the following patents.

United States

US 7,742,501

US 8,009,696

US 9,379,913

US 8,548,003

US 7,953,114

US 9,893,836

US 8,437,370

US 9,189,307

US 9,647,952

US 8,717,900

US 9,647,945

United States

US 9,590,913

US 10,057,178

US 8,966,598

US 9,407,870

US 8,630,204

US 8,711,690

US 9,503,377

US 9,143,454

US 10,097,373

US 10,122,640

US 10,218,772

US 10,640,012

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