Accelerate Digital Transformation with Adaptiv I SD-WAN

As countries around the world have started lifting lockdown restrictions, businesses are scrambling to assess and recover their operations as quickly as possible. The pandemic provided proof that digital transformation supplies an agile and efficient business environment. This means that a high quality and robust network, for both in-home and office, is now even more essential for businesses to succeed. At the same time, small businesses are realizing that the risks, costs, and complexity of managing a network themselves can take away focus from their core business areas.

What are the barriers that small businesses face with legacy networking infrastructure?

Legacy networking infrastructure is costly and complicated. It lacks visibility, control, and flexibility. Since many small businesses have limited network management skills, they often face barriers to frictionless digital transformation. They may be stuck paying the exorbitantly high costs of private MPLS networks that are delivering insufficient or possibly oversubscribed bandwidth. They may be experiencing network downtime, tolerating poor video/voice quality, and struggling with inconsistent cloud connectivity as they turn up new sites and enable remote workers. Many legacy solutions do not provide the flexibility and visibility into the network that allows businesses to understand how their system is performing.

How can managed SD-WAN address the barriers to digital transformation?

Managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) powers businesses to accelerate and sustain digital transformation by providing simple, secure, and scalable digital network connectivity. By packaging all the components that companies need into affordable site licenses that deliver powerful technology, managed network-as-a-service offerings create a smooth and easy upgrade path to the new mode of operations.

Adaptiv powered connectivity accelerates digital transformation for smaller businesses and distributed enterprise sites

Adaptiv drives customer value by replacing the rigid and costly MPLS circuits with agile cloud connectivity solutions that are simple, powerful and cost-effective. These cloud-managed solutions help small businesses scale their network capacity and improve productivity for their office locations and remote workers. Turn up is quick and straight forward for a new branch office or home office, with most installations completed in under 30 minutes. When using our managed solution, certified professionals take care of everything – planning, installation, operations and monitoring, and troubleshooting. Businesses who leverage these managed services have minimum operational involvement, so their focus remains on their core business strengths.

With Adaptiv I SD-WAN, small business users are no longer limited to the capabilities that any single Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide. Instead, the Adaptiv | SD-WAN solution can combine multiple links to create a faster and more reliable connection for any site in the network. Link aggregation provides flexibility to ensure abundant bandwidth is always available, even for remote sites with no fiber availability. 

“With the mid-market and the smaller businesses, they're not looking for a highly complex SD-WAN solution. They just need something that will work, and that will support their business going forward.” — Bernard Breton, Adaptiv Networks CEO

With businesses relying increasingly on multiple cloud applications, lost connectivity means loss of productivity. A dropped voice or video call could mean a lost customer and revenue. Adaptiv I SD-WAN, with its network layer intelligence, prioritizes traffic so there are no dropped calls, and all communication is crystal clear, even during peak periods of network congestion. Similarly, seamless failover automatically reacts to guarantee the entire SD-WAN site is always protected from downtime caused by link outages with no on-site IT support required.

Small businesses can now be digitally transformed without having to worry about the hassle of managing their own network connectivity. Adaptiv I SD-WAN delivers a frictionless user experience that provides reliability in connectivity and simplicity in network management, which are essential for the success of businesses’ digital evolution.

Check out our Infographic:

Agile Cloud Connectivity for Digital Business Transformation