Network Visibility Expands the Value of Managed SD-WAN

As business leaders go through digital transformation, they recognize SD-WAN gives them the agility they need to scale cloud services while containing bandwidth costs. Entrusting the day-to-day operational management and troubleshooting of a SD-WAN to a managed service provider (MSP) creates additional value by minimizing risk and reducing network opex. But there’s another important benefit to consider when selecting the right SD-WAN solution. To truly optimize their network investments, business leaders need real-time insights that support informed digital business decision-making.

How can businesses know if cloud applications are running well?

With today’s reliance on cloud-based business applications, network connectivity is paramount to maintaining productivity. From cloud-based voice and video collaboration to applications that track customer engagement activities, high-quality connections ensure employees have access to the tools they need for the business to thrive. For the digitally transformed business, any connectivity outage or network performance issues can bring productivity to a halt.

The concept of a managed SD-WAN solution places the responsibility for maintaining network connectivity in the capable hands of the MSP experts. With the trusted MSP watching over the network and resolving any issues, how can business leaders verify the network connections and cloud services are performing as expected? What investments should be made to ensure the network will be ready to deliver as the business grows and new technologies are deployed? These important questions are more challenging if your managed SD-WAN solution creates a blind spot. This is why network visibility is a key consideration for businesses who want to unlock the full value of managed SD-WAN.

Adaptiv | Cloud Portal provides the answers

Adaptiv Networks delivers professionally managed SD-WAN solutions that include self-service access for business leaders who want to retain full visibility into their network. The Adaptiv | Cloud portal empowers the SD-WAN service provider with centralized monitoring and troubleshooting tools to proactively manage sites, connections and cloud services. Meanwhile, business leaders can log into the same Adaptiv | Cloud portal to get unprecedented visibility to see real-time network performance at a glance.

Adaptiv’s cloud-managed SD-WAN gives business leaders the network insights they need to make informed decisions. The Adaptiv | Cloud portal collects information about each ISP connection to each business location and creates dashboards that quickly highlight areas that might be impacting business operations. Interactive visualizations show network uptime, bandwidth utilization, and user quality-of-experience across all the SD-WAN sites, every ISP link, and any business-critical cloud services that require SLA management. These insights ensure that the SD-WAN solution is providing the appropriate user quality-of-experience that the business needs to succeed. Adaptiv | Cloud access enables the business to understand how every link is performing regardless of the connection type – the ISP connections can be DSL, fiber, cable, or wireless. Viewing real-time and historical graphs of bandwidth usage and link performance, business leaders can quickly spot trends, identify issues and plan future changes to their network.

Adaptiv Networks’ delivers the right solution

Adaptiv | SD-WAN is a managed network service for small to mid-enterprise businesses who value simplicity, agility and cost-effectiveness. Seamless failover ensures non-stop cloud productivity and bi-directional QoS delivers crystal clear voice and video calls. The Adaptiv | Cloud portal adds the key benefit of network visibility for business leaders who want to make highly informed decisions about digital transformation initiatives.

If your business is planning digital transformation initiatives, download our solution brief, Identify Connection Insights With Adaptiv | Cloud Portal.

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