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Pure Bandwidth Experience

Optimizing Cloud Productivity over Broadband

Understanding the Broadband Performance Risks

Businesses that rely on cloud-based solutions are recognizing that legacy WAN networks built with MPLS connections are ill-suited for cloud access. Broadband connections are a faster and more affordable alternative, but these links weren’t designed for mission-critical applications. SD-WAN offers the opportunity to displace MPLS, but for cautious CIOs the central question is, “can I really trust broadband internet for my business cloud applications?”

Cloud productivity requires more than just speed, so you can’t simply rely on raw Internet. That’s why we build smart connectivity solutions powered by our intelligent SD-WAN Cloud. By recognizing the broadband impurities, and dynamically managing the network connections, Adaptiv Networks delivers a pure bandwidth experience for cloud users.

Identifying the Broadband Impurities

Networking professionals know that raw Internet connections don’t come with guaranteed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for reliability. Broadband links also tend to have occasional “brownouts” where line conditions degrade unpredictably and ruin cloud performance. These impurities, which can be measured as packet loss, latency and jitter, are particularly bad for real-time applications (like voice and video calls) and they put cloud productivity at risk. This is why smart CIOs are reluctant to replace MPLS with broadband internet.

The Risks of Going Full Throttle

Think about motorcycle racing, everyone wants to win and our instincts, in racing (and in life) are to go faster. Crossing the line first and getting the checkered flag requires skill. To win you need to go fast but driving full-throttle through traffic and curves can be deadly! Skilled motorcyclists know how to go as fast as possible while maintaining control: they optimize their speed for maximum performance.

Motorcycle speeds are measured in miles-per-hour. In the network world, our need for speed is measured in megabits-per-second (Mbps), but the instinct is the same… go fast! Just as with motorcycle racing, pushing your broadband circuits to run full throttle puts performance at risk. This is because when connections get oversaturated, all those broadband impurities will increase, and your cloud performance suffers. We can’t let this happen for our customers, so the first step to a smarter network is to calibrate broadband speeds and manage traffic to avoid oversaturating the connections.

Finding your Pure Broadband Speed

Broadband circuits are sold based on Mbps speeds, but it’s rare to find a circuit that can truly deliver the full advertised speed. Your mileage will vary based on your internet provider and whether you use fiber, cable, DSL, or LTE circuits. Regardless of the circuit type, pushing too much traffic over your broadband link will lead to over congestion, causing packet drops. From there, application performance quickly drops and the user experience is ruined.

Every circuit has a sweet spot where the optimal speed can be sustained without impacting performance, finding that speed takes a calibration test. By measuring circuit performance under load, Adaptiv individually calibrates each broadband link to determine the maximum throughput speed where quality of experience is sustained. We call this the pure bandwidth speed and Adaptiv actively manages traffic to avoid oversaturating the link.

Faster Speed and Higher Reliability

For customers with multiple links, Adaptiv Networks manages all connections together to provide optimal user quality of experience. Configuration options allow for “per-packet” aggregation to combine multiple links into one logical circuit, our use intelligent “session-based” path steering which dynamically adapts to choose the best connection based on link health and application priority.

Want more speed? Just add more links.

Adaptiv further optimizes your cloud experience by automatically recognizing and managing application priority with patented QoS technology. All inbound and outbound cloud applications are protected against downtime with seamless fast-failover that keeps everything connected through link outages.

A Smarter Business Network

Pure Bandwidth Aggregation provides the winning combination of speed and control.

Adaptiv Business Connect is a simple solution that is easy to use because it’s professionally installed and managed. A highly affordable option, Adaptiv Business Connect provides a smarter network for small and medium enterprises who want non-stop cloud productivity without the need for on-site IT expertise. Contact us today to book a demo and experience Adaptiv SD-WAN pure bandwidth performance.