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Remote Workers Deserve a Better Internet Experience

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It’s estimated that over 90 million people are working remotely these days on at least a part-time basis and this trend will surely continue. A recent survey by McKinsey & Company shows that an overwhelming 87% of workers would work from home if given the opportunity. Remote workers rely on digital collaboration tools like Zoom and Microsoft Office, so their productivity is entirely dependent on the quality of their internet connection. Unfortunately, when employees connect using residential broadband or hotel/cafe wi-fi, there’s little to no corporate IT control.

We’ve all experienced a lousy internet connection… they can’t hear you, you can’t see them, and it’s pretty much a waste of time. Even worse is when your connection completely drops and you’re not even on the call anymore. The truth is “work-from-anywhere” really means work from wherever you can get a good internet connection.

Remote workers who struggle with poor internet need a smart connectivity solution. These workers need a simple access solution that keeps them connected and assures quality for business cloud and collaboration tools. Unfortunately, corporate networks were never originally designed to support large numbers of remote workers. Connecting the hybrid workforce has been a challenge. Until now.

Work from anywhere with confidence

Adaptiv My Connect is the simple software application that provides enterprise-grade connectivity for remote workers. It’s a secure access solution that improves reliability and quality for business cloud applications, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Salesforce. My Connect is a surprisingly affordable app that runs on the user’s laptop PC or Mac, with no additional hardware required. App installation typically takes under five minutes to download, unpack, install, and get online. 

Remote workers need high throughput and reliability, and Adaptiv My Connect delivers. Multi-link aggregation recognizes and utilizes available connections such as fiber, cable, wi-fi, or LTE. Simple settings give users control to set their connections as active or backup links. When using two or more links, My Connect provides seamless failover that keeps you online and connected to video calls. Link outages are automatically detected and traffic is instantly shifted to a better link. Adaptiv My Connect also uses intelligent path steering to improve quality by sending traffic across your best available connection.

Another challenge remote workers face is network packet loss. This is a common issue with broadband and wi-fi connections that can quickly ruin call quality and slow down file transfers. Adaptiv My Connect solves the issue with dynamic link conditioning or forward error correction (FEC), enhancing your data stream to protect against degradation caused by packet loss.

Remote access that’s easy to manage

Adaptiv My Connect is unlike traditional VPN solutions. Sure, it can provide secure remote access to a private corporate network, but the simplicity and scope of My Connect make it much more than a VPN.

For starters, our solution improves reliability and performance for business cloud applications like Microsoft Teams and Salesforce. This is well beyond the scope of traditional VPN solutions which provide zero benefits for today’s internet-based cloud services. In fact, VPNs typically degrade user productivity for cloud apps by creating bottlenecks in the corporate network.  

Secondly, Adaptiv My Connect scales easily to support the growing hybrid workforce because it’s simpler and more cost-efficient. Unlike VPNs, there is no specialized hardware to purchase or maintain because it’s powered by the Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud.

Finally, with enterprise-grade connectivity features like intelligent path steering, dynamic link conditioning and seamless failover, Adaptiv My Connect is not just a secure access solution… it’s a productivity tool that delivers a superior user experience for today’s remote workforce.


Since most companies rely on remote workers and will do so for the foreseeable future, ensuring their online productivity will continue to be key to reaching goals. Internet connectivity shouldn’t be a facing challenge.  Adaptiv My Connect is easy-to-use, runs on the user’s PC or Mac, and provides employees with a simple, secure and productive remote working experience from anywhere.