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Agile Cloud Connectivity

We remove barriers to business digital transformation with amazingly simple and effective cloud connectivity


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Agile Networking

for the Cloud-first Business


What is SD-WAN?

For 20 years, businesses have relied on edge routers that were manually configured by skilled IT workers combined with costly dedicated access circuits (MPLS) to provide site-to-site connectivity. The high cost for bandwidth and maintenance is unsustainable in today's world of business digital transformation.

Benefits of SD-WAN

Today's businesses require a more agile network designed to connect users with cloud-based services, a network that delivers better speeds, better agility and lower operating cost while remaining secure.  A new breed of agile, cloud-ready networks has emerged known as Software-Defined Wide-Area-Network (SD-WAN).

Network Agility

Enjoy the flexibility to diversify bandwidth access using any local internet providers and add new sites quickly and easily. Increase speed for any site whenever you need to by simply adding another connection and upgrading your site licenses as bandwidth demands change over time.

Our customers enjoy non-stop productivity because we protect users and applications against link outages. Link health is constantly monitored and we'll react in a split second to keep your sites connected so that all your inbound and outbound services operate flawlessly.

Increase Reliability

Cloud Productivity

We condition your broadband connections to deliver predictable cloud performance across all your applications, as we prioritize real-time cloud services and manage your end-to-end connectivity to provide low-latency access to business cloud applications.

We combine the efficiency of centralized branch network management and automation with the convenience and predictability of a managed service. This provides IT economies of scale for small and mid-sized business customers, delivering lower total cost and lower risk.

Reduce Opex

Features and Use Cases

Adaptiv | SD-WAN continuously monitors link health and seamlessly reacts to protect you against lost productivity caused by link outages. All inbound and outbound sessions will stay connected and all users will remain online with no dropped calls and no change in IP address.

Use Case

Cloud Reliability, Cloud Voice

Automatic Site Failover

Patented bi-directional QoS manages traffic priority for real-time voice and videoconferencing services delivered over broadband. Every broadband connection is calibrated to insulate your network experience against degradation caused by oversaturation.

Use Case

Cloud Voice, Collaboration

Bi-Directional QoS

Use any broadband links from any ISP and we'll combine them together into a faster and more reliable site connection.  All your links (up to 8) work as a unified managed circuit providing the necessary bandwidth to reach cloud apps and other SD-WAN sites.

Use Case

Remote Sites, Large File Transfer

Multi-Link Aggregation

SD-WAN is the Future

of Business Networks

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