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Agile Cloud Connectivity

We remove barriers to business digital transformation with amazingly simple and effective cloud connectivity


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Cloud Delivered SD-WAN Solutions Delivered as a Managed Service



The network is essential to success for the digital business, acquiring the right network technology and managing it for your business can can be complex. Savvy business leaders are increasingly recognizing the risks and hidden costs involved with a do-it-yourself approach to networking.

Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) provides a much simpler solution, a professionally managed network that is designed to meet your business goals and grow with you. NaaS is a subscription-based solution that lowers your total cost of ownership and helps you stay focused on your business instead of your network.

What is SD-WAN-as-a-Service?

All SD-WAN solutions are not created equal. We accelerate SD-WAN adoption for business customers by packaging all the components you need into affordable site licenses that deliver powerful technology.


Our solution delivers the power of SD-WAN while reducing cost and complexity. In this short video, our CEO, Bernard Breton explains what SD-WAN-as-a-Service is and how it drives value for customers.  

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What's Included?

Our product licenses include all the components of a software defined network into a single site license that's ready to grow whenever you are. 

Adaptiv | Core

Adaptiv | Cloud

Adaptiv | Edge

Adaptiv | Gateway

Our Products

We offer two product categories that both deliver agile cloud connectivity.
SD-INTERNET provides high performance connectivity to the cloud apps, while
SD-WAN adds secure site-to-site connectivity for the multi-site businesses. 

Check out our 1 minute video to learn more 

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Today's businesses require a more agile network designed to connect users with cloud-based services, a network that delivers better speeds, better agility and lower operating cost while remaining secure.  View our two product offerings to learn what solution is right for your business.