SD-WAN for Healthcare

Powering the Digital Healthcare Transformation

Health Clinics and Medical Offices

Digital patient records and medical technologies like telehealth have transformed healthcare, making network connectivity a vital tool that enables health clinics and medical offices to successfully deliver care and improve patient outcomes.


Managed SD-WAN is a simple, secure and reliable connectivity solution that allows healthcare providers to stay focus on the patients instead of the network.

Advantages for Healthcare Providers

Always On Connections

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Connectivity provides access to patient records, and enables communication with insurers, pharmacies, and other medical professionals. Network outages  put patient outcomes at risk.


Our automatic seamless failover keeps you online 24/7, 365.

Always on Connections

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Telehealth and Telemedicine are  now essential for safely delivering quality patient care. 

We ensure crystal clear voice and video for telehealth calls with patients and for calls with pharmacies, insurers and other healthcare providers.

Telehealth Quality Assurance

Telehealth Quality Assurance

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Patients deserve confidentiality and that requires data security for digital access and transfer of patient records.


Our SD-WAN solution provides end-to-end encryption to secure data, even using low-cost broadband connections.

Secure SD-WAN Encryption

Secure SD-WAN Encryption

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New medical technologies and business growth can change your IT network requirements. You need a network that allows you to embrace change without complexity or disruptions.


Our solution makes it easy to quickly add cloud bandwidth or connect new clinics and offices.

Network Agility


Focus on Your Patients

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Quality care requires attention to details, but network issues can cause distractions and frustrate staff.


Our SD-WAN solution is monitored and managed by certified IT pros so you have one less thing to worry about.

Focus on Your Patients

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Cost control is key to sustained profitability for medical offices and healthcare clinics.


Our solution is a fast, reliable, managed network that costs less. A HIPPA compliant SD-WAN solution designed to fit your IT budget.

Reduce OPEX

Reduce OPEX

Transforming Patient Care Efficiency with SD-WAN  

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