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Delivering high-speed Internet access (HSIA) for guests can be complex and expensive, and any network downtime puts guest satisfaction at risk.


Hundreds of hotels rely on Adaptiv Networks for simple, reliable solutions that deliver high-quality guest connectivity with minimal IT effort.

Link Balancing Delivers Affordable, Efficient HSIA

A failure of high-speed internet access can cost hotels dramatically with the loss of guest loyalty and revenues. Business travelers have a critical need to connect to corporate applications such as email, VPN, shared documents and business cloud applications like Microsoft Office 365. Internet-based video applications like Zoom, Netflix, and YouTube are continuously increasing bandwidth demand which can quickly saturate your links and put guest quality of experience at risk.

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks provides affordable, flexible and efficient link balancing solutions that manage multiple Internet links for hospitality providers. We combine links from multiple sources on multiple technologies to help eliminate downtime while delivering up to 20Gbps of bandwidth. Our solutions also optimize application performance to ensure high quality user experiences that enhance guest loyalty even for the most demanding business customers.

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Hospitality Advantages

Find out how ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks can help deliver stellar hotel Internet in the age of real-time streaming services.



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Encryption for Security

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- Our Clients' Testimonials -

Mandarin Oriental The Hotel Group

“We have deployed ELFIQ in most of our properties around the world, allowing us to offer uninterrupted HSIA to our guests. I would recommend these solutions to any hotel property.”



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