LiveQoS Protocol Acceleration

Improve User Experiences with LiveQoS TCP Acceleration


Network Protocol Acceleration

We live in a world of instant gratification and when you're delivering network applications and services, every millisecond counts.  Any network delay can frustrate users , inhibit productivity and render some network services unusable.

Network Protocol Acceleration is technology that improves performance of applications by optimizing the underlying transport protocol they rely on. This enables increased user productivity through faster application response times, more consistent application performance, and faster file transfers.

LiveQoS Acceleration

Up to 15X Faster Performance for TCP Applications


LiveQoS Acceleration technology is powered by patented algorithms that deliver best-of-class protocol optimization for audio, video, and file transfer applications.

Our solution optimizes the window and send buffers of the network and dynamically adjusts as network conditions change. The outcome is that we mitigate the impact of packet loss and latency, resulting in near maximum throughput for a given amount of available bandwidth.



Superior QoE for Real-Time
Voice & Video



Improved Responsiveness for
Remote Applications


File Transfers

Higher Goodput for Data
Transfer Applications

Proven Results

LiveQoS Acceleration improves user experiences across a wide range of network scenarios and especially for long haul networks where latency and packet loss tend to be higher. 

Transfer Speedup / Lossy Networks / 1GB File

TCP Acceleration: Test Results

LiveQoS TCP Acceleration

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