SD-WAN for Retail

Delivering Frictionless Retail Shopping Experiences

Store Network of the Future

Digital transformation is changing the way customers shop and the way they buy, but that should not add network complexity or increase effort for your in-store IT staff.


Retailers need a smarter and more reliable connectivity solution that just works, so you can focus on your customers instead of your network. 

Advantages for Retailers

Always On Connections

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If you’re not connected, you’re losing money. You need a resilient network that automatically keeps stores online through link outages.


Our best-of-breed failover solution helps ensures all your voice, cloud and payment systems connected.

Always on Connections

Fast & Secure Checkouts

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Cardholder information must be protected, and shoppers can get frustrated by long lines.


We provide retail network solutions that combine speed and security to accelerate payment transactions while keeping customer data safe.

Fast & Secure Checkouts

Rich In-Store Experiences

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Retail competition is fierce, and threats from online retailers are increasing.


Our solutions help you embrace innovative digital technologies that deliver rich in-store experiences to help increase brand loyalty.

Rich In-Store Experiences

Faster Guest


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Free wi-fi enhances the customer experience, but also adds to bandwidth and security issues.


We isolate your guest wi-fi traffic from secure systems, and empower you to decide how much bandwidth to offer your customers.

Faster Guest WIFI



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When corporate retail apps move to the cloud, your operations, marketing, finance, and staffing all rely on connectivity.

We keep your entire organization productive with more responsive cloud access.

Office Productivity

Reduce Store


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Controlling store costs is essential to profitability.


We build high performance retail networks from low-cost broadband links as part of a cost-effective managed service designed that brings economies of scale to any-size IT budget.

Reduce Store OPEX


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Transforming In-Store Shopping Experiences with SD-WAN  

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Store Connectivity in the Age of Digital DIY Shopper

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