SD-WAN Use Cases

Managed Business Networks

Digital Business Transformation

Whichever industry you're in, technology is changing how we do business. Most organizations run on tight IT budgets, so they can't afford additional network complexity on top of their transformation initiatives. 


We build smarter business networks that combine agile cloud connectivity with professional network management to help you free up valuable IT resources and accelerate your digital transformation. 

Industry Use Cases

Cloud-managed SD-WAN is powering digital transformation for small and mid-enterprise customers across several important industries. 


Retail Stores

Non-stop connectivity built for digital retail transformation



Efficient smart factory networks powered by SD-WAN



Agile connectivity for health clinics and medical offices



Managed connectivity solutions with no on-site IT required

Challenges We Solve

Cloud-managed SD-WAN is a simple connectivity solution with the agility and performance to solve a variety of business network challenges


Branch Network

Boost productivity and reduce complexity for your sites


Home Office

Help your remote workers stay productive and connected


Digital Business

Managed connectivity for small to mid enterprises 


Cloud Voice

Crystal clear voice and video with no dropped calls

Adaptiv Networks Solutions


Reduce Complexity


Fully managed SD-WAN solutions simplify your life and eliminate hidden costs

Mission-Critical Reliability         


Seamless failover prevents lost productivity by keeping all your sites connected

Real-Time Performance   

Broadband quality assurance for crystal clear voice and video calls, and responsive cloud services   

Faster Bandwidth        

Aggregate multiple links to build a faster cloud connection for any site on your network  


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Agile Cloud Connectivity

We remove barriers to business digital transformation with amazingly simple and effective cloud connectivity


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