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What Happens When Your Internet Goes Down?

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Network outages can happen to anyone at any time. The recent Canada-wide Rogers outage happened unexpectedly and lasted more than 12 hours. By any standards, this was an outage of epic proportions that demonstrated how much businesses rely on the internet, and the risks of relying on a single internet provider.

Businesses-critical infrastructure such as credit card machines, communications systems, and security cameras are all vulnerable to this type of outage. That’s why when the internet connection goes down, business productivity comes to a skreeching halt. 

Smaller-scale local internet outages are happening every day, chipping away at business productivity. But another widespread internet outage will surely happen again, it’s only a matter of time. Few businesses have planned to avoid this type of disaster, but there is a simple and affordable solution that doesn’t require technical skills.

Protect Your Business From Internet Outages

At Adaptiv, our focus is on preventing this kind of disruption from affecting your business in the first place. We combine diverse links from different service providers to create an Unbreakable Internet connection that protects your business against internet downtime while assuring application quality for all business-critical cloud services.

None of our customers with link diversity were affected by the Rogers outage, even if they relied on Rogers as their primary internet provider. For them it was business as usual. In a world where businesses are truly becoming digital, an internet connection isn’t just nice to have, it’s a mission critical capability.

Adaptiv Business Connect is the simple, affordable solution that keeps your business online and prioritizes the traffic so that all applications continue, flowing smoothly and securely with zero interruption through internet outages and no manual IT intervention is required. Plus, the solution is remotely managed by certified network professionals so there’s no added burden on your IT team.

How much do internet outages cost your business? Contact Us today to discuss these questions with an expert. We’ll help avoid the impact of the next internet outage on your business.

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See our market-leading seamless failover in action

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to the next internet outage! Watch our 3-minute video demo to see how Adaptiv Networks keeps you connected with zero interruptions through a link outage.

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