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Is FIFA World Cup Taking Over Your Office Bandwidth?

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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is projected to reach a global audience of over 3 billion people.  It is likely the most popular sporting event in the world with 32 countries competing, a schedule that spans several weeks, and multiple matches being broadcast live each day.

World Cup Fever

Employees wanting to follow the action will probably live stream matches on their laptops or mobile devices. When your office workers get a case of World Cup Fever, this creates a tremendous strain on office bandwidth that does more damage to the company network than most CIOs would imagine.

No matter how exciting the soccer match might be, the last thing you want is employee productivity to suffer. Poor quality video calls, and sluggish business cloud applications are the early warning signs that your branch office connectivity is over-congested. Unfortunately, most business networks lack the basic tools necessary to identify and manage network congestion, so application performance is at increased risk during the tournament.

The Winning Combination for Bandwidth Management

At Adaptiv Networks, we offer smart connectivity solutions that control the network playing field to keep your team productive every day, even during peak periods of “World Cup” level bandwidth congestion.

  • Cloud Monitoring and Management – Asking the IT team to manage the company network without proper monitoring tools is like asking the goalkeeper to wear a blindfold. Our solutions provide cloud-based network orchestration so you can see bandwidth usage and visualize how well your internet connections are performing.
  • Control Application Priority – To optimize team performance, you need to put the best players on the field. At Adaptiv Networks, we optimize your voice and video calls and supercharge your business application performance by pushing low-priority traffic to the sidelines while blocking malware and unsanctioned applications.
  • Intelligent Multi-link Aggregation – Playing faster than the opposition provides a competitive edge, but if your network has insufficient bandwidth your team performance will slow down. Our solutions make it easy to boost network speed by adding additional internet connections to increase bandwidth.
  • Seamless Multi-link Failover – Winning teams never quit, but sometimes when you least expect it your internet connection gives out on you. We create unbreakable business internet connections by managing network traffic across multiple internet connections to avoid downtime and keep your entire team online through link outages.

Adaptiv Networks provides the right lineup of connectivity features, allowing IT managers to relax knowing that their office network won’t be disrupted even if the matches go into extra time. If your team’s productivity struggles during the World Cup, contact Adaptiv Networks to learn more about our smart office network solutions.

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