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5 Reasons Managed SD-WAN Makes Real Business Sense

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Today’s businesses rely on high-quality always connected bandwidth for their day-to-day operations. With high-quality voice and video solutions and digital applications that improve their customer experiences, they need reliable connectivity to ensure their businesses are productive and successful.

It’s clear that software-defined wide-area networks reduce costs and simplify network complexities. The ability to aggregate and manage fixed and wireless networks deliver a scalability factor that legacy connectivity cannot match. And businesses who chose to use SD-WAN in place of their tunneled point-to-point Internet connections enjoy smoother connections for latency-sensitive connections.
But who is going to manage the SD-WAN? Many businesses have IT organizations that might consider the new task, but it’s not likely they have the “bandwidth” or expertise to take on the implementation and management of your SD-WAN network.

For many organizations, the solution is simple, hire a certified professional MSP to implement and manage their SD-WAN as a service. An MSP can make your transition very easy and ensure your ongoing success. Here are the top 5 reasons that a Managed SD-WAN solution from Adaptiv Networks makes real business sense!

  1. Agility: Frictionless network growth – instead of rolling trucks to new sites to install and configure the equipment, Adaptiv Networks lean edge equipment and cloud-managed installation gets new sites up and running quickly. Network policies and configurations are managed by your certified MSP, and sites are typically up and running is 30 minutes or less. You can virtually use any last-mile broadband connectivity you want, and easily increase speed to any site when you need it.

  2. Reliability: High service availability – a business succeeds in today’s connected world only if it stays connected! Adaptiv Networks solutions include market leading failover for non-stop cloud connectivity, plus a high-availability SD-WAN core transport network that ensures always-on connections between all your SD-WAN business sites.

  3. Visibility: Intuitive network monitoring – Adaptiv | Cloud portal provides visibility into all aspects of the network and empowers certified MSP with access to tools that provide quick and fast answers to troubleshooting activities. Customers also have direct access to view performance metrics for sites and applications, and even on the local loop connections which is where most SD-WAN problems occur. Centralized visibility and management are included as part of the managed service, which saves your business the time and cost related to adding these software tools and learning how to operate them.

  4. Savings: The economic reason – lower costs. Both from a financial perspective and from an IT effort perspective. Leveraging our existing SD-WAN cloud network is so much easier than building and maintaining your own dedicated infrastructure. The managed network-as-a-service aspect means the business does not need to spend large sums of money on network equipment and then spend the effort to recruit, hire, and train engineers to configure, operate and maintain the network. The Adaptiv certified managed services provider does this for you quickly and efficiently so you’ll save time and money.

  5. Productivity: Best-in-class Performance – clearly communicating with your customers is paramount to business growth and success. Application performance of latency-sensitive applications is not effective over tunneled internet connections. Adaptiv Enterprise Connect includes patented edge-to-edge QoS capabilities that ensure quality and reliability for your voice and video calls. Bi-directional quality of service prioritizes traffic in the network and intelligently manages congestion, which results in better overall business connectivity.

With a managed SD-WAN service, the business is leveraging the expertise of a true network operator to create their cost-efficient highly available network connectivity. So as your business expands, the managed SD-WAN easily grows with you by quickly establishing high quality connectivity to new sites or increasing bandwidth for any existing sites.

Extend Your Business Success with Adaptiv Networks

Adaptiv Networks offers affordable SD-WAN solutions to fit any budget, giving customers premium network performance from low-cost broadband connections. Using a managed service means that businesses avoid hidden costs and surprises – a pay-as-you-grow model that does not require the learning curve or purchase of equipment. Without the need to worry about your network, you can focus on what you do best – growing your business.