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Cloud Protect

Adaptiv Cloud Protect

Add a layer of security to your network

Cloud Protect combines ease of use with cost-effectiveness into a scalable network security solution designed for small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). With Cloud Protect, you can secure your network with the simplicity and confidence of a managed service while enjoying optimal reliability and performance for authorized business applications.

Simplicity and performance in one solution

Cloud Protect is the affordable network security solution that automatically blocks web-bourne threats. Powered by our network of secure cloud gateways, Cloud Protect provides cloud-based URL filtering as a managed service. Over 20 million websites are categorized in our URL database, enabling you to simply choose the right security profile for your business. Our database is constantly updated as part of the service to ensure your web filtering protection is always up to date.

Secure Network Perimeter

Our SD-WAN edge device blocks unknown or unauthorized traffic from accessing the branch network.

Private Cloud Connectivity

Our encrypted SD-WAN tunnel keeps data private between the branch and our secure cloud gateway network.

Cloud-based URL Filtering

Cloud Protect instantly blocks access to any malicious, unauthorized or unknown websites.

Overcoming the limitations of branch office firewalls

While organizations have historically relied on branch office firewalls for URL filtering, they can be expensive to set up and maintain. Due to the cost of firewalls and the complexity of firewall configurations and firmware updates, the vast majority of SME networks are exposed to web-based security threats.

Adaptiv SD-WAN provides a base level of network security. A stateful firewall creates an encrytped tunnel that prevents network access from outside threats. Cloud Protect adds a cloud-managed URL filtering solution that’s constinuously updated so your internet security policy never goes out of date.

Explore Cloud Protect

Simplicity, security and performance

A Secure Foundation

The Base Layer Of SD-WAN Security

Adaptiv SD-WAN provides a base layer of security that includes a stateful firewall at each branch office. Our edge device operates on a “zero-trust” philosophy that blocks any unknown or unauthorized traffic from the outside. Branch network access is only allowed through the secure encrypted SD-WAN tunnel that keeps your data private. 

Web Filtering Protection

Effortless URL & DNS Filtering

With Cloud Protect, managing security policies becomes a breeze. Our solution offers an intuitive interface that allows you to configure security policies with just a few clicks. Leverage our pre-built categories and templates to simplify policy creation. Cloud Protect is a cloud-managed service that puts you in charge of network security with zero complexity.

Stay Protected

Security That Never Goes Out of Date

Cloud Protect eliminates the hassle of firewall management because it is always up to date and requires no IT effort on your part. There are no firmware patches to install, and any newly identified malicious URLs are automatically blocked. Any network security policy changes made in our cloud orchestrator are instantly deployed across all your network locations. 

Optimal Performance

Zero Dropoff In Branch Throughput

Cloud Protect works in the SD-WAN gateway network, so there’s no overhead on the edge appliance and no added latency. Application recognition is done using First Packet Inspection to identify and block traffic in real-time with minimal overhead. The result is Cloud Protect users enjoy a better network experience without the usual throughput dropoff of next-gen firewalls.

Remote Workers

Added Protection for Hybrid Workers

Adaptiv My Connect is our simple ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) client for remote workers. My Connect functions similarly to a cloud VPN, but also optimizes reliability and performance while providing secure remote access. Your Cloud Protect web filtering policies automatically extend to protect all your remote workers who use My Connect.

Grows With You

Easily Add Bandwidth or Increase Security

Unlike firewall appliances that you can outgrow, Adaptiv SD-WAN with Cloud Protect can easily grow with your business. Simply add more bandwidth throughput to your network when you need it and increase your service license. If you want to add more security features, you always have the option to updgrade to more advance network security with Adaptiv Secure Connect.

How to buy Cloud Protect

Cloud Protect works as an extension of Adaptiv SD-WAN products. It’s sold as a simple add-on subscription for any new or existing Adaptiv SD-WAN customers. An upgrade may be required for existing customers to ensure they are running a  Cloud Portect compatible version of our SD-WAN software.

As with all Adaptiv products, Cloud Protect is sold exclusively through our global network of certified SD-WAN solution providers. Contact us today to find an Adaptiv SD-WAN provider near you.

Frequently asked questions

Adaptiv Cloud Protect

No. Customers with existing firewalls can continue using them with Adaptiv SD-WAN and Cloud Protect. When the time comes to replace your firewall, you have the option to renew or upgrade to Adaptiv Secure Connect which is our more advanced SASE solution that is designed as a firewall replacement

Over 20 million website URLs are categorized using a combination of AI, crowd sourcing, and manual validation. Our database is continuously updated as new websites are identified so that your Cloud Protect service is always up to date.

With Cloud Protect, you simply choose one of six security templates to set up the URL filtering policy for your business to match your network security posture. In the future it will also be possible to customize your security policy for specific websites. The 6 template options are:

  • Very Light
  • Light
  • Standard
  • High
  • Restricted
  • Very Restricted

Depending on which template you choose, access to 12 different categories of risky or non-business websites will be blocked from your network.

  • Malware
  • Legal Risk
  • Security Risk
  • Explicit Content
  • Advertising
  • Adult Content
  • Gaming
  • Unknown
  • Personal Topics
  • Social Media
  • Bandwidth
  • Entertainment

For the Very Restricted option, your network will only allow access to the five safest and most business oriented website categories:

  • Essential Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Search Engines
  • Business Services
  • Education

A network session is initiated every time a user tries to connect to a website or launch an application. For each new session, Adaptiv SD-WAN uses our First Packet Inspection engine to identify and classify the traffic. Over 6,000 known SaaS applications can be instantly recognized and routed and prioritized from the SD-WAN edge device. This ensures business applications get optimal treatment. All unkown traffic will be passed through the SD-WAN tunnel to the secure cloud gateway, where Cloud Protect applies our First Packet Inspection engine to identify the unknown traffic. Once the traffic is identified, the network security URL and DNS filtering policies are applied and unknown traffic is blocked.

First Packet Inspection is more efficient than Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).  This is because DPI requires continous processing to inspect evey packet, which is why firewall throughput drops dramatically when using the DPI feature. Adaptiv Cloud Protect uses First Packet Inspection to deliver faster and more efficient means to identify network traffic without causing any drop in network throughput.

While both solutions are optional cloud-security add-on products that work with all Adaptiv SD-WAN products, Cloud Protect is more focused on adding web-filtering (URL and DNS filtering). Web-filtering is a very important layer of security that many bsuinesses lack, and Cloud Protect makes this protection simple and affordable.  Cloud Secure is a more advanced cloud-based SASE offering that adds Next Generation Firewall-as-a-Service and Secure Web Gateway features. Cloud Secure combines Deep Content Inspection with AI-based threat detection to protect against zero-day attacks. Cloud Protect customers will have the option to updgrade to Cloud Secure when this Adaptiv SASE product is released in Fall 2023.

Yes. For new Adaptiv Business Connect or Adaptiv Enterprise Connect customers, you can simply adding Cloud Protect to your initial purchase order with your Adaptiv SD-WAN solution provider.  For existing customers, a firmware upgrade may be required. Check with your Adaptiv SD-WAN solution provider or contact us for details. 

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