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Can Managed SD-WAN help overcome the IT skills shortage?

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A recent survey of IT decision-makers found that nearly one-quarter of respondents indicated that their organization already had a “problematic shortage of existing skills” in network administration.

The role of cloud computing

With the emergence of cloud computing and the proliferation of connected devices and the Internet of Things, the demand for new IT skills and specializations means that there simply aren’t enough IT people available to keep legacy systems and applications running at peak efficiency. Legacy router-based networks weren’t designed for cloud-based business applications, and the rapid deployment of IoT devices in virtually every industry has only added to the traffic. Networks are getting more complex to manage and bandwidth demand is pushing capacity limits. All this adds up to an unsustainable level of stress on internal IT teams.

How SD-WAN helps

Digital transformation is driving the need for fast and reliable access to cloud-based applications, which is exactly the type of network agility that SD-WAN provides . Better still, research shows that on average SD-WAN is also delivering a 69% reduction in annual downtime, which means less IT time is spend troubleshooting connectivity.

The promise of application-aware networks that deliver better cloud performance for lower cost is driving the market towards SD-WAN, with a recent survey showing more than 33% of organizations are already using SD-WAN and an additional 61% planning to deploy SD-WAN within the next two years. But savvy IT leaders recognize that deploying a new SD-WAN solution will place even more strain on their already overworked IT teams.

Managed SD-WAN solves the dilemma!

IT leaders can take a fresh approach by implementing Managed SD-WAN to replace their legacy networks. Managed SD-WAN solutions are delivered by certified service providers who ensure the success of the initial deployment. Ongoing network administration tasks like monitoring, maintenance and troubleshooting are also handled by the Managed SD-WAN provider. This enables the organization to focus their skilled IT resources on implementing the more strategic aspects of their digital transformation.

The compelling benefits of Managed SD-WAN are why a 2018 Frost & Sullivan report shows that 75% of companies are already looking for a service provider to fully or partially manage their SD-WAN.

What next?

Adaptiv Networks offers cloud-managed connectivity solutions powered by our SD-WAN cloud. We provide unbreakable internet access while improving IT efficiency, so you can get the benefits without additional cost and complexity of managing your own SD-WAN.

For more information about Adaptiv Networks managed SD-WAN solutions, contact us today.