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ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks

Flexible Networks with
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Layer 2 SD-WAN and Link Balancing

Network connectivity is essential for delivering customer experiences and optimizing workforce productivity, but for many organizations the cost and complexity of increasing bandwidth and managing connectivity is unsustainable.   

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks is a market leading layer-2 SD-WAN and link balancing solution that combines multiple connections into powerfully simply cloud-managed networks that deliver superior speed and reliability for less cost.

ELFIQ SD-WAN Solutions

With our exclusive layer 2 link balancing technology and powerful cloud-managed features that control network security and application quality-of-service, ELFIQ SD-WAN provides unprecedented flexibility and performance that takes enterprise productivity to the next level. 

AdobeStock_351816547 WEB RS 2400x1200.jp
AdobeStock_351816547 WEB RS 2400x1200.jp

Core Series

With unparalleled performance, the CORE Series is perfect for data centers, recovery sites, headquarters, hybrid clouds, or any environment requiring high bandwidth up to 20Gbps of throughput making them among the most powerful WAN edge devices on the market.

ELFIQ Edge.jpg
ELFIQ Edge.jpg

Edge Series

The Edge Series creates agile and secure branch networks up to 1Gbps with amazing reliability and performance, plus the flexibility to combine any 4G/5G links, broadband, or MPLS circuit with full visibility and control to manage WAN and Internet access.


Performance Packages

Our Edge Series and Core Series appliances can deliver even more powerful networking features to maximize the ROI of your SD-WAN investment. 


We offer three SD-WAN software subscription packages designed to fit common customer use cases including Quality of Experience (QEX), Business Continuity Experience (BEX), and Software-Defined Experience (SDX).  ​​​


QEX License

Single-link traffic optimization through App Optimizer, ELFIQ’s Layer-7 DPI traffic-shaping engine, Intelligent Condition Verification and other advanced features.


BCX License

Leverages ELFIQ's popular bandwidth management, path selection and link failover features for optimal connectivity and Cloud access.


SDX License

ELFIQ Central’s most powerful orchestration features, plus FMR Hybrid WAN topology, and STREAM VPN and Edge Firewall modules.


ELFIQ Link Balancers

Using our exclusive layer-2 design, ELFIQ link balancers are the rock-solid business continuity solution for businesses who want faster and more reliable bandwidth. We combine multiple ISP links into a high-performance managed connection with traffic shaping intelligence that optimally distributes traffic across all links.

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With advanced cloud-managed capabilities for traffic shaping and bandwidth management, the LBX400 delivers an impressive price-to-performance ratio that makes it an ideal choice for SMBs, branch offices, and retail stores that require up to 400Mbps of throughput. 

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A proven solution for Enterprises and the Public Sector, the LBX1200 Series is the ultimate bandwidth management tool that ensures your company never loses its Internet connection and provides full bandwidth control to manage up to 32 ISP links and deliver up to 2Gbps of throughput.



Our exclusive layer 2 design provides unprecedented flexibility and delivers proven performance across challenging market segments including the Government, Banking, Healthcare and Hospitality sectors since 2004.  

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Centralized Provisioning and Management through ELFIQ Central portal

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Build Layer 2 Networks that are Invisible to Attackers

Scale Up and Deliver Bandwidth.png

Deliver up to 20Gbps of Throughput Using up to 32 ISP Links

Control Application Quality.png

Eliminate Downtime with Link Failover and LAN Failsafe

Flexibility to Support.png

Flexibility to Support Hybrid SD-WAN and Hybrid Clouds

NFV Deployment Options.png

​NFV Support for VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft Hyper-V​


Optimize your ROI with our LinkCare Maintenance and Support Plans


Flexible Enterprise Networking with Rock-solid Performance

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