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Improving IT efficiencies with Adaptiv Cloud Connectivity

What are the IT challenges that businesses face today?

Small and medium-sized businesses face various IT challenges, but have limited network management resources. The result is they spend too much time trying to manage their network and not enough time focusing on their day-to-day business operations. Many companies experience network downtime and unpredicatable cloud performance over their broadband internet connections, while others are paying for expensive MPLS links that are over-engineered to handle peak data traffic rates. Additional challenges include ensuring network security, optimizing voice and video call quality, and managing remote access for employees who now work from anywhere. All these challenges have increased the IT workload in recent years.

Additionally, many IT leaders don’t have adequate visibility and control of their networks – how close is the network to capacity, which apps use the most bandwidth, and how to block malicious or unauthorized traffic? Overworked in-house IT staff often can’t do everything necessary to optimize network security and connectivity across the entire operation.

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Step 1: Smart connectivity is the answer

Adaptiv Network’s smart, cloud-managed connectivity offerings are the solution to all of these challenges and many more. Adaptiv provides reliable, secure, and cost-effective network connectivity solutions for any-sized business and even for home office and mobile workers.

A secure network foundation

Per the recent Business Connectivity Survey Report 2023 by Adaptiv Networks, the most critical connectivity need for virtually all industries is reliability. Companies need to be online 24/7/365, knowing that downtime means lower productivity, lost revenue, and unhappy customers.

Adaptiv Networks provides reliable online access, all the time, with guaranteed connectivity. Adaptiv provides smart connectivity solutions, powered by the Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud, combining multiple data transport methods, including broadband, cellular, fixed wireless, and MPLS from numerous ISPs. Adaptiv autonomously manages all the connections together to create faster throughput and instantly switch from one route to another to avoid link outages and brownouts – providing seamless failover, with no more dropped or sketchy voice or video calls. Adaptiv’s solutions offer easy access to both public and private cloud applications and on-site data centers.

Eliminating downtime is not the only challenge, and Adaptiv Networks does more. They not only keep you online but also optimize performance, ensuring that all sites, users, and apps perform at a high level. Adaptiv’s solutions automatically recognize which applications are on the network and prioritize traffic bi-directionally to ensure user quality of experience. Simple cloud portal management tools provide visibility and control for the business to assign priorities for all applications, routing traffic automatically based on the given priority.

Containing bandwidth costs and reducing reliance on MPLS

Adaptiv knows that solving IT problems doesn’t come without a cost and is committed to helping find the right solution for any budget. Adaptiv’s cloud-managed connectivity solutions allow a company to use whatever transport methods fit best, including MPLS. Replacing an existing MPLS network with Adaptiv Business can cut bandwidth costs by up to 50%. However, some customers are rquired to retain some or all of the existing MPLS links for various applications. In that case, Adaptiv Enterprise Connect provides the flexibility of a hybrid SD-WAN solution that will integrate MPLS into the overall plan – using MPLS for specific mission-critical applications while automatically and securely steering other applications through the low-cost broadband connections. Enterprises can enjoy a predictable, low-cost, reliable network with high throughput and decide over time whether to renew or decrease their MPLS spending.

Network management made easy

When it comes time to plan and install a new network, experience is needed. When it’s time to operate and manage the network and troubleshoot the occasional problem, an expert must take care of it. Adaptiv Network solutions are delivered by certified professionals who are ready to take the project from the planning stages to a fully operational network while providing ongoing support as part of the managed service.

IT experts oversee the network and provide the tools necessary to keep as close an eye on connection status and performance. Adaptiv’s SD-WAN Cloud provides an online portal where customers can access interactive visualizations, allowing management to see which applications are using the most bandwidth, how much downtime (if any) each site endured, latency, jitter, packet loss statistics, and much more. Businesses get a fully cloud-managed network that requires little or no on-site IT effort, with 24/7 support, and no specialized corporate IT networking skills are required.

But network management isn’t a set it and forget proposition. Networks are designed to evolve, and Adaptiv Networks makes it simple to deploy new sites, increase bandwidth, or add remote users, all these tasks are simplified with zero-touch provisioning. With the hybrid workforce, employees may be working from home, on the road, and in a traditional office setting, often in the same week. Adaptiv’s connectivity solutions provide the flexibility to keep everyone connected, secure, and productive.

Step 2: Simplifying the complexity with Adaptiv Networks

Network management made easy

Secure cloud-managed connectivity, powered by the Adaptiv SD-WAN Cloud, improve IT efficiency for customers who value simplicity, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

Affordable, efficient multiple Internet link management for hospitality providers

Adaptiv Enterprise Connect

Secure and private networking for businesses relying on public and private applications to implement a cost-effective and high-performance network strategy.

Adaptiv Business Connect

Simple, secure, and efficient cloud connectivity with guaranteed always-on access, providing top-quality communications for all your business locations at a predictable cost.

Adaptiv My Connect

Simple, secure connectivity solution that boosts productivity for home office and mobile workers by improving network reliability, security, and performance.

About Adaptiv Networks

Adaptiv Networks is the creator of powerful, software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WANs) for the most challenging locations requiring high availability for business-critical application traffic. Businesses rely on Adaptiv Networks’ Cloud-Managed SD-WAN to provide secure, high-performance, and highly reliable networking for their voice, data, and video communications needs. Adaptiv Networks serves more than 250 customers, with more than 2,500 sites deployed through 30 partners.