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Category: Business Brief


SASE Solution Brief

Overcoming the Limitations of Corporate Firewalls Corporate network firewalls have long been the frontline defense against cyber threats, but they come with their own set of limitations and frustrations, often testing the patience of business network IT leaders. A new

Retail Solution Brief

5 Reasons Why Retailers Should Use Adaptiv Business Connect As retailers increasingly focusing on delivering the best digital experience to their customers, SD-WAN is becoming the de-facto technology to simplify store connectivity. But all SD-WANs are not created equal, read

5 Stars for Hospitality Internet Performance

Keeping up with guest bandwidth demand and delivering reliable Internet performance under the pressures of real-time communications is a big challenge. ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks offers a market-proven hotel bandwidth management solution that’s flexible, scalable, and cost-effective. Check out our

Frictionless Secure Connectivity for Remote Workers

A traditional VPN implementation for enabling remote access requires dedicated hardware, software, and specific skill sets many small and medium-sized businesses lack– an expensive and complicated undertaking. Businesses need productive remote employees who can quickly and easily connect from anywhere