3 Ways for an MSP to Stand Out in the Crowded SD-WAN Market

Accelerating SD-WAN Market Entry for Service Providers

The Software-Defined WAN market is currently booming and according to Global Market Insights, expected to grow to 17 Billion USD by 2025!

This presents a huge market opportunity and the entire industry for network, cloud and

telecom services should be preparing for the ongoing disruption. SD-WAN is essentially creating a land-grab as customers consider ditching their legacy Cisco and MPLS networks in favor of more elegant software-defined solutions that provide greater agility and superior cloud performance for significantly lower cost. Time is clearly of the essence, as multiple competing SD-WAN solutions have emerged in the past few years, but for those service providers looking to offer managed SD-WAN solutions it’s not too late to stake your claim.

Potential customers looking for SD-WAN options often get bogged down in a confusing vendor evaluation process. Here are three ways service providers can get into the market quickly and stand apart from the crowd.

Combine Connectivity with Cloud Services

Business-critical applications are moving to the cloud, but Cisco ISR routers and MPLS access are ill-suited for delivering cloud applications. To reap the true promise of SD-WAN, customers need a solution that is fully integrated with all their cloud services. Consolidating business cloud applications with connectivity, as a single managed solution, allows service providers to differentiate their value proposition. To control quality and reliability across the entire stack of cloud services requires an intelligent SD-WAN with the agility to manage both public cloud applications and site-to-site traffic. Service providers should look to maximize their market potential by integrating lucrative cloud services into their SD-WAN offerings.

Frictionless SD-WAN Service Delivery

With over 60% of customers looking to adopt SD-WAN within the next two years, time-to-market is another key consideration. All SD-WANs are not created equal, but there are two factors that can create frictionless SD-WAN service delivery.

The first element is a managed SD-WAN cloud overlay network. This enables you (and your customers) to skip the cost, time and complexity required to design, install and manage dedicated cloud gateways.

Secondly, service providers can look to partner with an SD-WAN vendor who is ready, willing and able to provide lead-generation campaigns and channel sales support from day one to help build your sales pipeline. The combination of a cloud overlay network, plus digital marketing enablement allows you to get into the market overnight before you miss another customer opportunity.

Real-time Performance for “Killer Apps”

Business-critical real-time applications like Hosted VoIP, Unified Communications and Skype for Business are the “killer apps” for SD-WAN. These are sticky applications that represent value-added services for service providers, but they are highly sensitive to latency, jitter and packet loss on the network. This makes user quality-of-experience (QoE) difficult to control unless you select an SD-WAN technology that’s purpose-built for this challenge. All SD-WAN solutions leverage the higher speeds and lower costs of broadband access circuits, but few can guarantee voice quality and reliability over congested broadband circuits. To maximize customer success and retention, be sure to select an SD-WAN solution that is designed to deliver real-time cloud voice and video calls over broadband.

Why Partner with Adaptiv?

We take a channel-driven approach to SD-WAN by eliminating your barriers to market entry and minimizing your risk and investment. By partnering with Adaptiv Networks you will instantly gain access to our marketing enablement portal with full collaboration from our sales team. We provide SD-WAN certification training to make you self-sufficient, but we are happy to help you pursue SD-WAN customer opportunities on day one.

We accelerate SD-WAN adoption for service providers and customers by packaging all the software, hardware and cloud management into a Network-as-a-Service business model. Adaptiv | SD-WAN licenses include the branch CPE, usage of our intelligent managed SD-WAN cloud network infrastructure, and cloud management through our cloud orchestration portal. Our certified team will help you build tailored SD-WAN solutions and provide tools and assistance for frictionless SD-WAN design, installation and 24/7/365 support.

While many SD-WAN vendors cater to large enterprise, Adaptiv Networks gives service providers the ability to bring the benefits of SD-WAN to mid-market and smaller business customers. Our solutions work with any combination of broadband links, to provide agile cloud connectivity that ensures quality and reliability for both cloud and WAN services.

Contact us today to schedule a demo of how our partner program can accelerate your market entry for managed SD-WAN.