ELFIQ Tech Brief on Seamless, Transparent Integration of SD-WAN and Network Security

Network outages and saturation are now among the top concerns of IT specialists. Solutions have evolved over the years to help mitigate those issues, namely by providing the ability to manage multiple ISP connections concurrently. That said, most solutions on the market today require extensive reconfiguration of the existing network, especially at the firewall level, and introduce an additional point-of-failure to the network. Alternately, other solutions may call for the complete “rip-and-replace” of the existing network infrastructure to perform optimally.

Implementing business continuity measures doesn’t need to introduce complexity and vulnerability. Read our latest technical brief to learn how ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks provides a simpler SD-WAN solution that is agnostic to firewalls, network providers and technologies. We ensure that you remain in control of your network by providing failover, aggregation and network performance improvements without requiring the reconfiguration or replacement of your existing network components.

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