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Category: New Business Brief


The Challenges of Network and Cloud Security

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, business network IT managers face an ever-increasing challenge: ensuring the security of their networks. One of the most prominent trends contributing to this challenge is the growing reliance on business cloud applications. Companies are

5 Reasons Why Retailers Should Use Adaptiv SD-WAN

Deliver Digital Experiences with SD-WAN Retailers are increasingly focusing on their network transformation to give the best digital experience to their customers. With the high cost of legacy MPLS links and the need to deploy experts on-site for network-related changes

Enhance a factory’s intelligence

Today’s manufacturing world is at the start of Industry 4.0, the digitization of factories, where smart machines can communicate with each other and learn using real-time data. Industry 4.0 will see the transformation of factories into highly efficient operations, driving

Improving IT efficiencies with Adaptiv Cloud Connectivity

What are the IT challenges that businesses face today? Small and medium-sized businesses face various IT challenges, but have limited network management resources. The result is they spend too much time trying to manage their network and not enough time

5 stars for Hospitality Internet Performance

How to keep up with guest demand and deliver reliable Internet performance under the pressures of real-time communications. Why High Speed Internet Access Matters to Hospitality Guests put a lot of pressure on hotel WiFi. From live video calls in