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Layer 2 Link Balancing

Flexible Connectivity Solutions Delivering Maximum Throughput and Rock-Solid Performance


What is Layer 2 Link Balancing?

Widespread adoption of video and cloud applications is driving up bandwidth demand. With current estimates projecting that bandwidth usage is doubling every two years, businesses face the challenge of scaling bandwidth and optimizing performance while containing costs. 

Layer 2 link balancing is a flexible bandwidth solution that distributes traffic efficiently over multiple network connections to maximize uptime and performance.   

ELFIQ by Adaptiv Networks

ELFIQ link balancing technology is a proven solution that delivers rock-solid performance with advanced features for solving difficult bandwidth and performance challenges. ELFIQ intelligently directs a site’s inbound and outbound traffic across multiple connections to deliver amazingly agile, scalable and reliable networks.







ELFIQ Link Balancing Features

Our cloud-managed solutions include all the features you need to turn any combination of links into a faster Internet connection, build a reliable and secure Layer 2 network, or create a hybrid SD-WAN that automatically encrypts and optimizes connectivity across multiple sites.​



Deployment is simple, quick and inexpensive with no modification required for the existing network configuration and no adjustments to existing firewall rules.



Turn any broadband links into a powerful, centrally managed private network with secure AES encryption between all SD-WAN sites and private clouds.




Mix and match up to 128 connections from any ISP including wired, wireless or MPLS links to scale bandwidth throughput up to 20Gbps for any site.



Failover protection keeps application sessions connected through link outages while LAN Failsafe ensures normal operations continue if the device fails or if power is interrupted.

Layer 2


Easily build transparent private networks that are invisible to attackers and manage link policies to control Layer 2 network access and Internet access.



DPI and QoS policies empower you to identify applications and optimize quality of experience while limiting or blocking any unsanctioned traffic.

Flexible Network Solutions

Whether you have small, medium or large sites, our lineup of ELFIQ Link Balancers and SD-WAN products offer the freedom to combine any links into an intelligent managed connection. We give you the flexibility to utilize your bandwidth to enjoy faster Internet access or to build a fast, secure and dynamic SD-WAN that eliminates downtime, optimizes application performance and reduces cost.

  • Deploy Physical or Virtual Appliances

  • Configure as Edge Devices or Cloud Gateways

  • Combine MPLS, Layer 2 and Broadband Links

  • Set Link Policies for SD-WAN or Internet Access


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