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Finally! Telehealth Makes Good Business Sense

Telehealth has been a tool available to healthcare providers for some time. Very much like the specialty tool that’s purchased for a single home project and then sits unused beneath the multitude of screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches in our toolboxes…

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Adaptiv Business Connect

As we move to the post-pandemic era, businesses are scrambling to assess and recover their operations as quickly as possible. COVID-19 provided proof that staying digitally connected is essential for business to succeed. This means that whether employees work from

Five Star Hotel Internet Performance

Delivering Exceptional Guest Internet with Adaptiv Networks We’ve all been there… you’re planning a business trip or vacation and you start researching hotels for your stay. If you’re like us, you tend to make your bookings online and peruse hotel

A VPN Outage Nightmare

A VPN Outage Nightmare Based on a true story It’s noon on Friday, and like most workweeks in 2020, your entire team (yourself included) has nearly completed another day working from home. It has been a tough year… Virtually overnight

Adaptiv Networks Top Ranked by SD-WAN Users!

The year 2020 saw many changes in the world, agile companies who adjusted successfully were able to sustain their productivity. Many businesses were able to achieve this success by using a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).  An SD-WAN provides secure,

Break Free from the Burden of Corporate VPNs

The number of employees working from home (WFH) has grown significantly due to COVID-19. Even after this workforce returns to a traditional setting (as the pandemic subsides) remote work is expected to increase, nearly doubling over pre-pandemic levels to over