Looking Back at Adaptiv Networks’ 2020 Virtual Conferences

2020 may not have been a good year for tradeshows, but it allowed us to innovate in order to stay in contact with you. Throughout October and November, Adaptiv Networks held a series of virtual conferences to present its vision on digital transformation and the future of networking. The audience was from North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

During these four conferences, we asked poll questions to our audience, to get a feel of their current situation. Always mindful of leveraging the resources provided to us, we decided to dig deeper into those results, and share some of the insight we got from them.

Looking to the future

When asked what their outlook regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, 60% of respondents believed that it would cease to disrupt their business at one point during 2021, with almost half of those respondents believing it would last at least until the summer. A further 16% were preparing for continued disruptions into 2022 and beyond, with that number jumping to 32% in North America. Given that outlook, the urgency of digital transformation is stronger than ever in order to mitigate the risk of financial loss.

On that note, digital transformation is very much in progress. When asked where their critical applications were hosted, 89% of the conference respondents said they were using cloud applications, while 72% answered they were still using on-premise/datacenter applications. Most businesses are still leveraging on-premise or datacenter applications, although on average, more businesses are using cloud applications only, rather than on-premise only. This is not to say that businesses are choosing between these two categories. Cloud services adoption rates[1] suggest that there is indeed a shift from the latter to the former.

Audience responses to the question, "Where are your business applications hosted?"

However, the results obtained from our polls would suggest that there is a sizeable portion of the market which has not yet fully embraced cloud services.

One of the reasons may well be the prospect of a network architecture change. Adopting Cloud or Hosted applications requires a change in network infrastructure in order to reap all their touted benefits. But, although this may seem like a challenge, it can become a great opportunity for your business. Indeed, moving to a hybrid or all-broadband network has benefits of its own.

When asked what their top network challenges were, “high bandwidth costs”, “lengthy and complex upgrades”, “network downtime” and “managing remote worker access” all came back within a 2% margin of each other. This shows that there’s much room for improvement, for several reasons.

And, as it happens: lowering costs, reducing complexity, and improving performance and access are three of the core benefits of moving to SD-WAN.


Our virtual conference experience gave us lots of insight on our clients and partners, but one thing is certain: digital transformation is only going to accelerate, and businesses need the right set of network tools to make it happen. Whether you’re ready to move to an all-cloud network or you’re preparing to start your migration, Adaptiv Networks has a solution to help you make the jump safely.

Would you like to hear more? Visit our events page to access our virtual conferences on-demand.

Sébastien Tellier is the Channel Program Director at Adaptiv Networks. Prior to joining Adaptiv, Sébastien worked at Martello and ELFIQ Networks, where he held different positions in marketing and sales in the SD-WAN market. During that time, he appeared on panels and shows in Europe and North America, while working with channel partners across the planet. Sébastien holds a Master of Science in Marketing from HEC Montréal.

[1] https://hostingtribunal.com/blog/cloud-computing-statistics/#gref